Ecommerce PPC

We’ll ensure that your best-selling products are seen by precisely the people who are looking to buy.

Our Approach

We use bespoke bidding scripts and fluid shopping structures

Our approach to ecommerce PPC revolves around three key things:

Data-driven decisions

We acquire as much data as possible, then use it to influence changes we make on accounts, such as bids and targeted audiences.

A primary objective

By working to a sole primary objective, we can ensure all activity is focused on achieving the most valuable goal to the clients.

technical excellence

Custom script writing

Each ecommerce client has a custom bidding script applied to shopping campaigns, which work alongside third-party bidding strategies.

Proven to increase revenue and ROI

For a large-scale ecommerce PPC campaign, success lies in understanding customer intent. And in order to do that, you need to have an intelligent and flexible strategy in place. That’s what makes us the first choice for ecommerce sites in competitive sectors – we’re the best at what we do, and we’ve got the tools to prove it.

Based on solid data

Every decision we come to is born of solid data – that’s why we’ll get as much of it as possible from key sources like ad platforms and a client’s CRM. Any and all changes we make to ecommerce accounts are based on product performance data, a method that removes emotive decision-making and potential non-logical campaign changes.

Innovative custom scripts

Based in Nottingham and London, our in-house expertise has allowed us to create innovative custom scripts, and every one we write is designed to work alongside third-party bidding strategies, meaning we get the benefits of real-time bidding.

We also utilise fluid shopping structures, an automated process run every day to split shopping campaigns based on performance data.

We’re a Google-accredited PPC agency with a proven track record of success, so you know we can be trusted to deliver. Get in touch today.

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