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Webinar: Preparing for privacy-first B2B measurement

Date: 30/05/2024

Time: 11am-12pm

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About the event

Following ongoing speculation over whether Google’s third-party cookie deprecation would go ahead in the final quarter of 2024, Google has delayed its set date yet again to 2025.

Whilst Google may have pressed pause on the phasing out of third-party cookies, businesses don’t have to. Instead of putting off your search for a solution, we’ll instead outline practical steps you can take today to test both alternative targeting and measurement options to successfully navigate the future landscape. 

Join us on Thursday 30th May for a webinar that answers all your questions about getting the most from your data, shifting away from traditional attribution models and making sure you’re set for success in the cookie-less future. 


Julio Taylor, CEO at Hallam: Hallam’s approach to triangulating ROI (10 mins)

Joy Talbot, Principal Economist at Magic Numbers: Introduction to econometrics (15 mins)

Jack Brown, Head of Paid Media at Hallam: What the deprecation of third-party data means for ad targeting (15 mins)

Q&A (20 mins), hosted by Kier Humphreys, Sales Director at Hallam.  

About the speakers 

Julio Taylor: Julio’s area of interest is on the future of marketing and how it will continue to evolve. As a former Creative Director, he started designing and building websites in the late 90s and has 20 years of experience in Brand, UX and Creative fields. Julio also sits on the board of many leading tech firms, working closely with senior leadership teams at global companies.

Joy Talbot: Joy has over 9 years of experience in using analytics to help some of the UK’s largest brands make more effective decisions. She believes the key to building successful client partnerships is taking complex business problems and making the solutions easy to understand for stakeholders at all levels. Joy focuses on delivering high quality work with actionable recommendations, so clients know exactly what they need to do next.

Jack Brown: As Hallam’s Head of Paid Media, Jack spearheads our award-winning efforts in all things paid advertising. With a background in Computer Science, Jack’s data-driven approach centres around maximising efficiency for his clients. 

With a diverse portfolio spanning various industries, Jack has navigated monthly ad budgets ranging from £300 to £1 million. His track record speaks volumes about his proficiency in managing campaigns across every conceivable sector. 



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