Do you click on Google’s AdWords advertising, or do you ignore the ads?

I ignore the ads. And Google knows I ignore the ads based on my browsing history.

Google appear to be experimenting with the positioning of its Google AdWords advertisements based on your personal ad-clicking history. They know your propensity to click, of course, through cookies or even through your Google personalised account.

If you’re not a clicker, then they are not displaying the ads at the top of the screen, but moving them to the panel on the right.

One explanation might be that users will be better served if ads are not pushed at them that they just don’t want. Another explanation is that we’re getting blind to the ads, and a bit of variety might spice things up.

I did an experiment: I searched for “solicitors Nottingham” using a computer without any cookies on it (so they didn’t know who I am) and then repeated the search logged onto my own personal Google account.

The assumption is a “stranger” might click on ads, but Google knows for a fact that Susan never does.

The “stranger” receives the blue sponsored ads horizontally at the top of the search results.

Non-clicking-Susan receives all the ads in the vertical panel on the right.

“Stranger” results:

The identical search, this time logged on as “Susan the non-clicker”‘s ; note there aren’t any horizontal AdWords across the top of the results, and even the top ads are over on the right

So, if you’re advertising on Google AdWords, what might this mean to your campaign? Fewer clicks? Fewer, better clicks?

Watch this space….

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