It has been a busy summer over in GoogleLand, with a number of changes to report.

Google is no longer letting us know which of our web pages are in the Main Index, and which are relegated to the dreaded Supplemental Index.

Using the command “” still shows you which pages Google indexes, but the Supplemental Results label has disappeared.

If you need a refresher about supplementals, take a look at my posting on Google Supplemental Results.

The Google blog explains the change as being due to improvements in crawling and indexing, leading to fresher and more comprehensive indexing.

What Google also explains is that there is still a Supplemental Index but the distinction between Main and Supplemental is narrowing. At this stage, the Supplemental Index may be about 3 months out of date, but Google are hoping to reduce that to just one month out of date.

There are calls to restore the Supplemental Results information in Webmaster Central, but we will just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, it is one less bit information for you to digest, or indeed obsess about!

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