Oh dear, poor Tony. Go and search for “liar” on Google and see what you get…

How do these (rather funny) things happen?

Blame it on Googlebomb. Googlebomb is the art of influencing Google search rankings by using consistent anchor text in links to a site. If all the inbound links into my site site say “fabulous American trainer”, then I will get high rankings on that search term even if that phrase doesn’t appear anywhere on my site.

Remember weblogs, like this one? They are a great way of generating keyword rich inbound links to a website. You can use that quite legimately in your marketing to influence your rankings.

ps – wish I could tell you the choice phrase they used to Googlebomb John Prescott… If you can’t find it drop me an email and I’ll let you in on the secret.

One response to “Googlebomb: poor Tony Blair”

  1. Huy Dang says:

    Type in “failure” and click on I’m Feeling Lucky.

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