How to Make Your Content Marketing Cheap, Scalable and Effective – Kirsty Hulse – Nottingham Digital Summit

Posted on 21/06/2018 by Team Hallam

With so many agencies and brands now delving into the content marketing arena, the stakes and prices have never been higher. In our second talk of the day, we are very lucky to be joined Kirsty Hulse, founder and MD of Manyminds.

Video: Kirsty Hulse – How to Make Your Content Marketing Cheap, Scalable and Effective

Slidedeck presentation: Kirsty Hulse – How to Make Your Content Marketing Cheap, Scalable and Effective

Kirsty Hulse how to make your content marketing cheap, scalable and effective – Nottingham Digital Summit from Hallam

Today, she is covering the power of content marketing and how to stand out in a saturated market. Kirsty will explore content marketing that gets results and earns quality backlinks without wiping out your budget.

We can’t wait, so let’s dive straight into Kirsty’s talk…

What Actually Is Content Marketing to Kirsty?

Content marketing is what you are trying to achieve – for example, SEO, links and social shares – but we are all trying to create the same thing. However, content marketing has a problem. All the content marketing we see is big projects, that take a long time, can be expensive and many times doesn’t even work. How many times have we all produced content marketing that no one cares about? We need to stop putting all of our eggs in one basket with content marketing. We need to create smaller content marketing campaigns that are cheap and actually work.

Kirsty Hulse and Susan Hallam

How Do We Do This?

There are three rules with content marketing to start with:

*We need a unique idea that is interesting or put a new spin on an idea

*Packed with data – this is vital

*Has an eye-catching asset that people want to share

Luckily, we can all come up with ideas in our own time, data is very available but assets are harder to come by and can be time-consuming and expensive. However, there are so many campaigns like Greggs Valentines Day that get huge coverage and links but don’t have amazing assets – these are campaigns we can take inspiration from.

Getting the Yes We Need

The most important aspect. How do we get stakeholders to say yes to ideas? Clients don’t want us as content marketers to mess up and want to stay safe when they should be empowering us to be innovative. We need to be able to say interesting and unique things in content marketing and encourage our clients or stakeholders to let us go with it.

How do we reduce this risk and get the yes we need for a great idea?

*Data is key – include it!

*Ask clients to consider your ideas – don’t ask for a yes or a no

*Get clients and stakeholders to relate to your idea, have a conversation to get to your point

But How Do We Get to the Ideas? Kirsty’s Creative Process

Start with thinking what the core product is and begin brain dumping: don’t try to analyse early on. Once we have these topics, use Buzzsumo and see if anyone is talking about your topics. This then gives you data and ammunition to get an idea signed off.

Free Tactics and Authority

*Find data and whitepapers to help give your idea authority.

*Find academics on tools like Data Search Engine – this is trusted data you can condense and use in other ways.

Creating Content Cheaply – Why We’re Here!

For smaller pieces and quick wins, remember, all businesses are interesting – your clients are! Product launches, new joins are all interesting things that you can utilise and promote to the right media.

Next, we can hit targets and create amazing content without breaking the bank – less developer time and less time to distribute, which are usually two of the largest expenses.

Here’s how:

*Quizzes are very popular – use tools like Outgrow to create them – they are cheap!

*Fake social media posts – very fun and drive a lot of engagement.

*Get other companies to create content for you – don’t give up if you have a great idea, companies can be reluctant. All you have to do is outreach and it benefits everyone involved.

*Use Timeline. Get some data and an interesting topic and use Timeline to create stunning visual timelines quickly.

Key Takeaways

*Content marketing has a problem and is becoming saturated – we have to think outside the box more than ever before.

*Create amazing content but use other small pieces to complement your campaigns.

*Ideas are everything and free – get out the office. All creativity comes through play and conversation.

*Data is everything with content marketing – go beyond Google searches. Use whitepapers, research already conducted, there is no excuse for a lack of data.

Kirsty Hulse was speaking at the Nottingham Digital Summit 2018. 


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How to Make Your Content Marketing Cheap, Scalable and Effective – Kirsty Hulse – Nottingham Digital Summit

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