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B2B companies frequently host events such as conferences, product demonstrations, and presentations that their customers would benefit from attending. The question is: how do you approach your customers to let them know about your events?

Twitter can be a powerful tool for promoting B2B events, as this social media platform is specifically designed to help create awareness and visibility, and to enable you to engage with communities that may be interested in attending.

1. Make a Plan

As always with digital marketing, before you do anything it is essential to first devise a strategy.

Think about who you want to attend your event, what the event is, where it is, and why the event is being hosted. Answering these questions will determine who you target with your marketing, and how you market to them.

Are you hosting the event? Or are you one of many stands at a larger event? Both have their benefits: if you are hosting the event you can create your own profile on other social media platforms which you can link to via Twitter. If you are one of many organisations going to an event hosted by a third party, you can use their social media activity to leverage yours, as people will already be talking about it.

Look at all of your current communication channels to list the contacts that you already have – email lists, affiliates, sponsors, social communities etc. – and determine which ones would benefit from hearing about this event.

2. Assets

Do you have videos, photographs, graphics, or blog articles that you can use to promote your event?

Make sure that you either create an event page or a blog post on your website detailing everything that potential attendees would need to know about the event, as well as reasons for them to go. In this way, you’ll have something to share on social media that has details of the event. Again, if you are going to an event hosted by a third party, you can use their page to promote the event, but I would definitely recommend writing something of your own so that people know why seeing your particular stand would be beneficial to them.

If you hosted or went to the same event the previous year, you can also use some of the pictures or positive testimonials to promote this year’s event.

3. Promote your event

The first step to promoting B2B events on Twitter is to create a personalised hashtag specifically for this event – or to use the hashtag created by the host. Using the hashtag in advance of the event will create momentum, and it should be included everywhere: across all social channels, digital images, the event page on your website, your email signature etc. Add your stand number to the header of your images so that people know where to find you.

Then it’s time to tweet, but don’t saturate your Twitter wall with the event. Instead, post at times when you know that you get a lot of traffic. Use images, and tweet contacts, event hosts, affiliates, and other companies attending the event.

Make sure that you add images, tweets, and links to your tweets, as these have been proven to increase engagement.

4. Engage in conversations

conversationIf you have followed and tweeted relevant people in your industry about the event, the host, other companies attending, your staff, industry experts, even keynote speakers, your hashtag should gain some traction.

Use this information in Hootsuite to track keywords and hashtags: if people are tweeting about your event, you can engage with them and create new and interesting conversations that interested parties can read about and which will influence their decision on whether or not they want to attend.

In Hootsuite and Twitter you can create lists to add people who are talking about your events. Placing them in these lists will also send them a notification, which may spur more engagement with your company or the event itself.

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