Leadfeeder Review: B2B Lead Generation Tool

Posted on 01/12/2017 by Team Hallam

Who is visiting your website? Leadfeader is a sales management tool which enables you to find additional information about the visitors coming to your website. I give it a test drive and review here.

Leadfeeder is a web app that your marketing and sales teams can use in support of your lead generation activities.

Particularly suited for B2B users, Leadfeeder fully integrates with your Google Analytics, your email provider like MailChimp, and CRM providers like ZoHo, to provide a strategic dataset that your business can use in support of its sales drive.

On average, fewer than 2% of visitors to a website will provide their contact details. Tools like Leadfeeder enable you to discover specific information about visitors to your website which you can then use as the cornerstone of your lead nurturing processes.

There is a range of lead generation data tools on the market, and I’m test driving Leadfeeder here. Previously, we have reviewed A1WebStats, and other well-known packages include CANDDI, Lead Forensics and WhoIsVisiting, amongst others.

In  the spirit of transparency, I would like to disclose I have received a free Leadfeeder account to undertake this review, and we are able to offer a discount to our clients. However, the opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

Leadfeeder Is a Google Technology Partner

I found this introductory very useful, and quite compelling in that Google’s Analytics Advocate Adam Singer participated in this video for Leadfeeder, one of Google’s technology partners.

As a basic starting point, if you are not familiar with how your free Google Analytics account can provide you with basic sales lead data, then be sure to watch this introductory video.

Specifically, the team at Leadfeeder share the “recipes” you need to create custom segments in your Google Analytics to reveal behavioural data about specific companies visiting your website.

During the course of the video, the consultants mention tools you can access from the Leadfeeder website, and here is the blog post they mention for resources.


For B2B, It’s About Business Information

The beauty of using a sales management tool like Leadfeeder is the ability to provide your sales teams with live data regarding specific businesses visiting your website.

At the highest level, it enables your sales and marketing teams to see which businesses are visiting your website.

You can then tag the visitors so that you are better able to track and report on them. You can define the tags to suit your sales processes. In the example below, you can see the tags we have defined in blue, and we have created sales status tags like Prospect, as well as sector tags like Education, and then relationship tags like Competitor.  Of course, a company can have more than one tag, so could be tagged both Education, and Prospect.

Most importantly, you can then integrate this Leadfeeder information with your current sales and marketing activity to add real value in terms of understanding your prospective client’s behaviour

  • Warm leads: businesses who are currently in your sales pipeline who are visiting your website
  • New business: businesses you may not be dealing with at the moment, who you could then apply an appropriate marketing treatment
  • Account management: existing customers who are investigating additional products and services that you offer

leadfeeder companies


For each company, you can also drill down to the specific pages the company has visited, and again tailor your sales and communication strategy accordingly.

In this example, we can see a business making several visits to our website over a period of time and viewing a wide range of our service offerings. I’m not sharing with you the specific company that is doing this browsing, but rest assured I have the full company information:

leadfeeder specific pages


It May Be About Businesses, but It’s Also About People

In addition to providing information at the company level, Leadfeeder will provide information at the individual level.

As well as profiling the company with Company Size, Industry, Phone, and social media accounts, Leadfeeder will also give information about individuals who work at the company.

In the example below, you can see Leadfeeder’s integration with our email marketing platform (MailChimp) in action.

For the named individual, our friend and client Andrew Richley, I can the see the MailChimp icon which clicks through to MailChimp behavioural data, as well as the well-known envelope icon which will give me an email address, and also access to Twitter and LinkedIn.

Leadfeeder individual



Multichannel Tracking

Like most businesses, we offer a range of touch points for our clients: our social channels, our email marketing, publishing content externally, and of course content on our website.

We use Leadfeeder to learn more about the various touch points our customers engage with. In the example below, we can track visitors that read our newsletters, engage with us on LinkedIn, search for us, and get referrals to our website from specialist social bookmarking sites like Zest.

What is more interesting in terms of lead generation however, is that the integration between Leadfeeder and our email marketing platform, Mailchimp, enables us to easily discover not only the company, but the named individual we are nurturing as a prospect at the moment. Sorry I can’t show you her detailed information, but trust me when I say we know who she is, and I’m sure you can appreciate I’m protecting her privacy!

You may have noticed the length of the visit for the visitor in the chart below is frequently 00:00:00.

Analytics measures time on a page as the time between clicks. So, all we learn from the length metric is that the visitor only looked at one page. She might have spent a few seconds, she might have read the blog post in depth over several minutes. But, she didn’t click to another page on the site, and hence the length measures as zero.


multichannel interest - leadfeeder


So, What Can We Do with This Sales Tracking Data?

One of the greatest risks associated with data like this is the lack of a plan of action to take advantage of what the data offers.

The data is fascinating, but you need to have the plan, and the resource, to use it to effectively for lead generation.

The world is your oyster in terms of options but as a starter for ten, here are some ideas for you:

  • Make use of the notifications facility, which will send email alerts when a particular business has visited the site
  • Integrate this data with your more traditional marketing, for example using the contacts for personalised direct mailing
  • Create custom filters associated with your sales strategy, for example by location, by industry sector or by names of particular companies
  • Analyse your data to see progression in the behaviour of particular business visitors in terms of frequency and number of pages viewed
  • Identify key pages on your site that show particular sales intention, such as a particular product page or a pricing page
  • Identify businesses that are interacting with your site based on the campaigns you are running, and especially across campaigns
  • Integrate the sales tracking data with your existing CRM package (Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, ZoHo, PipeDrive)

Summary Leadfeeder Review: What Do I Like About Leadfeeder?

  • The ease with which I can build custom profiles to slice and dice my way through our visitor data
  • The ability to set notifications when certain businesses, types of businesses, or types of behaviour happen on our website
  • The ease with which you can get started using Leadfeeder, simply by hooking up your Google Analytics account. No code needs to be inserted into your website
  • The simple way you can hook up the interfaces to other packages like MailChimp
  • The additional information provided by Leadfeeder, including Leadfeeder’s own company and personal contact information
  • The slick layout of information, and easy to use interface

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Leadfeeder Review: B2B Lead Generation Tool

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