Google Plus Google Local PageGoogle+ acts as a directory of all the businesses on the Internet, and every business should claim their free listing in order to maximise visibility in the search results.

However, over the years the Google+ directory has grown topsy turvy. There is a real lack of clarity of where businesses need to be listed, and how they appear on the various Google properties over the years known variously as Google Places, Google Maps, Google Local, and Google Plus.

As a result,  businesses may have discovered over time that they created a listing on one service, like Google Maps, only to find they now have a completely separate but nearly duplicate listing also over on Google Plus.

Google have recently announced (at long last, and thank goodness) the ability to take elements from your Google Local page and combine them onto your Google+ Brand page.

Mike Blumenthal and Barry Shwartz have both documented the process, and I thought I would also share what it looked like in our experience.

Also, I had originally described this process as “merging”, and many thanks to Mark Traphagen and Mike Blumenthal for correcting my use of language;  the pages don’t merge.  A better description from Mike:

This new feature, to a large extent solving this problem, allows location-based businesses that initially created a Brand page instead of a Local page, to move the local features from a verified local page to their current brand page. Reviews, verification, address information and the Map pin will be literally “transplanted” to the Brand page.

It needs to be clear that this isn’t a merge of the two pages but rather a way to transfer the canonical local data from an existing verified local page to a Brand page that then becomes the verified Local Page.

Step by Step Guide to Merging Google+ Page with Google Local Page

We started by having a problem:  two different Google business listings:  our main Google+ Brand Page on which we do all our social sharing and which appears in the organic Google search results when you search for our company name.  And a completely separate Google Local page which appears on the Google Maps search and contains our reviews, which is not updated with any social content, and which does not have any followers to speak of.

When logged into Google+ on the Manage Pages section, I have 2 properties, one of which is the Verified local page (in this example on the right with the little check mark) and our main Google+ page on the left:

Google Plus Google Local Original



To initiate the merge, login to your Google+ account, select Pages from the navigation on the left, choose your local page (be sure to choose the one with the verified tick) and click Manage this page.

Now choose Settings and scroll down to Link a different page to this location and then choose your main Brand Page that you would like to now connect to Google Maps.

You will get a confirmation dialogue box like this:

Link to a different page


And then you will receive another confirmation detailing what making this change results in:

confirm google+ changes

A rather reassuring message will appear confirming the pages are actually being connected…

connecting page to google+



And once the merge was successful I was prompted with a yellow dialogue box to remove the former page which is now called a “Backup”

delete previous page



The old Local page is now clearly labelled as a backup:

backup Google Local page


And most importantly of all, the Google+ Brand Page now has the Verified Local Badge (tick mark)

verified Google Plus



And not to put too fine a point on it, here is what we now see in our Google+ account:  our Brand Page and a backup of our former local page:

final merge result



Having completed the process, a half an hour later I’m still not seeing the newly merged Brand page appearing in the search results, but I will update you when things look good.


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