Google Plus Google Local PageGoogle+ acts as a directory of all the businesses on the Internet, and every business should claim their free listing in order to maximise visibility in the search results.

However, over the years the Google+ directory has grown topsy turvy. There is a real lack of clarity of where businesses need to be listed, and how they appear on the various Google properties over the years known variously as Google Places, Google Maps, Google Local, and Google Plus.

As a result,  businesses may have discovered over time that they created a listing on one service, like Google Maps, only to find they now have a completely separate but nearly duplicate listing also over on Google Plus.

Google have recently announced (at long last, and thank goodness) the ability to take elements from your Google Local page and combine them onto your Google+ Brand page.

Mike Blumenthal and Barry Shwartz have both documented the process, and I thought I would also share what it looked like in our experience.

Also, I had originally described this process as “merging”, and many thanks to Mark Traphagen and Mike Blumenthal for correcting my use of language;  the pages don’t merge.  A better description from Mike:

This new feature, to a large extent solving this problem, allows location-based businesses that initially created a Brand page instead of a Local page, to move the local features from a verified local page to their current brand page. Reviews, verification, address information and the Map pin will be literally “transplanted” to the Brand page.

It needs to be clear that this isn’t a merge of the two pages but rather a way to transfer the canonical local data from an existing verified local page to a Brand page that then becomes the verified Local Page.

Step by Step Guide to Merging Google+ Page with Google Local Page

We started by having a problem:  two different Google business listings:  our main Google+ Brand Page on which we do all our social sharing and which appears in the organic Google search results when you search for our company name.  And a completely separate Google Local page which appears on the Google Maps search and contains our reviews, which is not updated with any social content, and which does not have any followers to speak of.

When logged into Google+ on the Manage Pages section, I have 2 properties, one of which is the Verified local page (in this example on the right with the little check mark) and our main Google+ page on the left:

Google Plus Google Local Original



To initiate the merge, login to your Google+ account, select Pages from the navigation on the left, choose your local page (be sure to choose the one with the verified tick) and click Manage this page.

Now choose Settings and scroll down to Link a different page to this location and then choose your main Brand Page that you would like to now connect to Google Maps.

You will get a confirmation dialogue box like this:

Link to a different page


And then you will receive another confirmation detailing what making this change results in:

confirm google+ changes

A rather reassuring message will appear confirming the pages are actually being connected…

connecting page to google+



And once the merge was successful I was prompted with a yellow dialogue box to remove the former page which is now called a “Backup”

delete previous page



The old Local page is now clearly labelled as a backup:

backup Google Local page


And most importantly of all, the Google+ Brand Page now has the Verified Local Badge (tick mark)

verified Google Plus



And not to put too fine a point on it, here is what we now see in our Google+ account:  our Brand Page and a backup of our former local page:

final merge result



Having completed the process, a half an hour later I’m still not seeing the newly merged Brand page appearing in the search results, but I will update you when things look good.


67 responses to “How to make your Google+ Page a Local Page”

  1. Thanks for sharing this Susan. It’s great to see Google have made changes to the way Pages work which make it much easier for businesses like ours, who serve both local and national customers, to improve the way their appear in the search results.

  2. Kiel Hanson says:

    Thank you, I have been waiting for this feature to take affect for a long time but had no idea Google had done this until I read your article. Does the ‘backup’ page need to be kept?

    • Susan Hallam Susan Hallam says:

      Hi Kiel

      Google invited me to delete the backup page… but I thought I would wait til everything was working correctly before I take that step! I’ll update this post and let you know when I’ve decided all is well and that it is time to delete!

      Kind regards

  3. Mike Blumenthal says:

    Hi Susan
    Nice write up of the steps!

    One caution. You use the word merge. I think that might overstate the feature. The only thing brought over from the Google Plus page for Local is the local attributes – reviews, verification, Map connectivity.

    But there are many of the Google Plus things that are not brought over – customer url, circles, posts, followers. Those will remain with the Local Page.

    So it is more of an opportunity to upgrade the Brand page with local attributes than a true merging of the two pages.

  4. Ivan Kotsov says:

    Susan, have you tried linking multiple local pages to one brand page?

  5. Susan Hallam Susan Hallam says:

    Thanks, Mike, for the clarification. It is worth noting that it really is just adding in the local attributes.

    The big question is should I delete the original Local page?

  6. Louise Dillon says:

    Great article.

    Like Ivan, I am struggling with a client who has multiple offices which they would like to link to a single brand page.

    Is this possible under this new feature?

  7. Mark Traphagen says:

    Great guide, but just echoing Mike Blumenthal’s concern about using the word “merge” here, because that is NOT what’s happening.

  8. Mike Blumenthal says:

    The “Backup” Page is like any other G+ page. Essentially the page is now a Brand page. Like virgin brand pages it is a bit of an orphan and only visible in Google Plus, not in search and not in Maps.

    There is absolutely NO harm in deleting and in most cases I would say yes, go ahead and delete it. However you will also be deleting any followers, pluses and posts associated with the page.

    Given that, there might be some limited use cases where it makes sense to keep it.

  9. Mike Blumenthal says:

    @Ivan & Louise
    This new feature allows a single brand page to be upgraded to a Local Page.

    It does not offer a solution to linking a single brand page to multiple locations. That feature, long promised, will hopefully be available at some
    Point in the future.

    • Ivan Kotsov says:

      Thanks Mike! I guess we will have to wait for a solution.

      Personally, I think it will be best if google implements similar to foursquares model – chained local pages to a brand page.


  10. Annabel Yeaman says:

    Great article – very helpful thank you.

    One thing that I learned is that in order to link the Business page to the Local page you need to be the Owner of the pages. I only had Manager status and therefore didn’t see the “Link a Different Page’ button. My colleague, who is the Owner of the page – did see this button and was able to merge the pages based on your step-by-step process above.

    I would be interested to know is this is generally the case or if my profile is in some kind of weird state.

    • Bryony Hampton says:

      Just the job Annabel! I got stuck at this point as I’m only a manager. Now I will call my Sydney colleague who set up the pages. Thanks all. Really appreciated.

  11. Milos Bartak says:

    Really very helpful, thank You!

  12. Michel says:

    Bummer, nice tip but doesn’t work for my 12 pages.
    I cannot mange my verified local+ pages. When I select Mange your page I get beck to the old Google Places front end.
    Any idea?

  13. Tomasz Banas says:

    Thank you Susan,
    I just “merged” our profiles. After 5min it was already showing new profile in Google Local search results.

  14. Jannah says:

    I have a question though, what if I have 2 Google+ page with 2 different address and both are verified, is is possible to merge 2 Google+ page?

  15. Biff says:

    I may be missing something. I don’t see “Link a different page to this location” in my settings at all?! Can anyone help?

    • Alistair says:

      Hi Biff, it’s changed to ‘Connect to another page’ or something like that – can you see that? I was wondering the same thing, theyve just renamed it.

  16. Rob says:

    Bam! Worked. I love the internet, and I really love blogs that provide spot on “how to” get it done advice. Thx.

  17. Sarah says:

    I can’t find the option of link this page in settings. Any idea why?

  18. Fred says:

    the option to “Connect to a different page” in the verified local page do not appear instead I have, “This page is connected to Google Maps. View | Learn more”

  19. Toni says:

    Really useful, thank you!

  20. lucian says:

    May be a stupid question, but finally… how can I manage a Google+ Page for Brand without having a website? It`s that possible?

  21. Andrew says:

    Did your newly merged brand page ever appear in the google index and search results. Having followed the steps outlined, our results no longer appear (after several months).

    • Susan Hallam Susan Hallam says:

      Hi Andrew
      Our brand page appears from some searches, for example “Hallam map.” But only our most recent Google+ post appears for searches for our brand name. Very strange indeed, but we keep working on it!

  22. Katie says:

    I have a local business page, verified, but my clients are global. I think I need a brand page, but I don’t want to lose the base of followers I already have on my local page. What is your advice? How do I create a brand page when I already have a local page?

  23. Upendra Chansoria says:

    It is an awesome thing to merge business page with local page. I have done this work and now business page has replaced the local page in Google SERP. I would like to thanks Susan Hallam for this post.

  24. David says:

    Thanks that was really helpful!

  25. Jon Sharp says:

    Worked brilliantly, …as long as you set up the pages with the same G+ account gmail address. If not you have to go through the process of transferring ownership until they are all the same.

    Just a real shame none of the posts merge too. Lots of ‘local’ stuff lost.

  26. Chris Theisen says:

    Here is a twist that this doesnt solve for. We are an Apps for Biz account. When G+ started you couldn’t use it with an Apps for Biz Google account. So I setup my companies G+ page under my personal Gmail account. They later switched to not only allow Apps for Biz to use G+ (god forbid they roll out to paying customers first) they let you link G+ to your companies YouTube channel. So I now have a G+ “Local” page that matches up with maps and YouTube that is managed under my Apps for Biz account but I cant perform the function stated in this article cause my brand page was started under a personal Gmail account. Its a frigging mess, especially since I already have short subdomains (gplus.companyurl) pointing to the original brand page along with linking to the brand page in various other spots. So I have to either keep two “company” pages up or delete the original brand page and lost what I have plus deal with relinking. Also this affects the ability to grab the proper custom url since the brand page under the personal gmail owns it. Any suggestions to alleviate any of these issues would be welcome.

    • Chris Theisen says:

      I partially solved my own problem. I just invited my Apps for Biz account to be a manager on the original brand page. After waiting the required day I will transfer ownership. Thanks for the insight on the post that kicked me into gear to finally fix this.

  27. Tariq says:

    Thank you very much for the post.

    Unfortunately, I managed to end up having two ‘brand’ pages: one is linked correctly to my YouTube page and the other is having the correct custom URL (i.e. +BrandName).

    I found no way of merging them together!
    I guess your described steps above are for ‘Local’ and ‘brand’ pages. Not two ‘brand’ pages.

    I also tried deleting the second one (with custom URL) and tried adding the same URL for the first one but it says that the URL is taken (even after the page was deleted)!

    I am afraid to delete the one linked to YouTube as I might lose the YouTube channel name.

    I appreciate your help please.

  28. Matt Soreco says:

    Just stopping by to thank you for the tip! This worked for me and the business page link was updated in search results in a matter of minutes.

  29. harry says:

    I merged my brand page with local page of Google Plus. Now, my local page has been renamed as “backup copy” & my brand page has been converted as “verified local business”. Is there any option to undo this process? I don’t need my local page as my brand page is so valuable. Please help me out

  30. Kurtis Bentley says:

    This is great! I’ve linked the pages together. However, how come the ‘Links’ section disappears when this is done?

  31. Michael says:


    I did this a couple months ago and I am still not seeing google local information on the side. I would really like it to update my page. Everything is verified so I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Any help? my website is za and the google search term is B Online.

  32. Wendi says:

    Did your profile appear on Google+ again? When I search for you, it appears that it did not. Wondering before I make the change. Thanks!

  33. Lotte Schjøtt says:

    Hi Susan 🙂
    I can’t seem to find “Link a different page to this location” under Settings. Am I blind or has Google changed the setting features for Google+ local pages?

  34. Chris says:

    Make sure you are the owner of both of the pages you are trying to connect. I had the same problem.

  35. Ahmed Faris says:

    Thanks Susan
    I’ve been searched for this solution over 3 days
    you make my day, by solving the merge issue to my company page
    I really appreciated

  36. trish says:

    I’m int he same boat as Lotte. I see no option to link a page. Anybody? Thank you for this, however.

  37. Alice says:

    THANK YOU for posting this, it has been driving me crazy!

  38. Coldfire Design Studio says:

    Thanks a lot. We were able to merge our 2 different pages to the verified one http: // +ColdfireDesignStudio

    Great. Keep it up!

  39. William says:

    Hey guys – struggling to find the link here too. Anyone have any luck with this. I am the owner of both pages (brand and local), the local page is verified – but there is no option to link to a different page 🙁

  40. Chris McElroy says:

    I followed your instructions exactly. On the page I want to direct to the brand page, it says I don’t have one. I do. Connected with this account. When I go to manage pages, it shows both of them. The one I want to redirect and the one I want to redirect to. But the message you don’t have one doesn’t give me any options to put in a link or anything. Any suggestions?

  41. Tuhin Bhuiyan says:

    #Susan Hallam

    Did you have any luck on showing up your brand page map address in Google search engine?. I wasn’t able to find you’rs….

  42. Steph says:

    Thank you so much for the clear instructions. You made my first order of business as the Social and Digital Media Specialist here a success 😉

  43. Jessica says:

    Thank you for the article – this is just what I needed! Can you pretty please change the article to reflect “Connect to another page” instead of “Link a different page to this location”? In my excitement, I read the article and didn’t read the comments and soon found myself running in circles trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. 🙂 Also mention that you have to be an owner vs manager. 🙂

  44. Dave says:

    this would be what i needed but it appears that google has changed their setup again, there is no option to connect that i can find anymore, sent a feedback to google as it is still listed in their help section, perhaps it only shows up once the verification occurs, here is hoping

  45. Madeleine Morgan says:

    Can you perform this linking process if you have more than one local page?
    I have local pages for different services:
    Success For Managers
    Building Self Confidence
    The Accountability Club

    As well as a Google+ page in my own name that also mentions my trading name GrowU Coaching and Training

  46. Matt K says:

    I tried to link my local page to the branded page which has all our posts, videos, followers, etc. Even though Google gives the same instructions (that you have listed), when I go to link the page, it says I do not have any non-local pages to link (none to select). I don’t understand why, when I can clearly see that I do. Mine looks identical to the screenshot that you have. Does anyone have any recommendations?

    Google is probably the most confusing monstrosity I’ve ever seen. I still can’t figure out how they even function if that’s what you can call it.

  47. Matt K says:

    I was able to figure it out. I wasn’t the owner of the brand page. But would anyone recommend deleting the “Backup Google+” page or will this effect the info that is linked to the new page? I don’t want to go through the verification process again or do something prematurely.

  48. Laura says:

    I can’t find that “Link a different page to this location” for the life of me!

  49. Shazida Khatun says:

    Just follow this:

    1. Go to your verified page

    2. Go to setting Tab.

    3. There atlast you will find Connect other page to this map.

    4.Choose your esisting page their and click on confirm.

  50. Kate says:

    Hi guys!

    I just want to give everyone an update on the term “merge” vs. “upgrading” the verified page. I merged our active page of 3 months to the verified page (we could not get the postcard to send in the mail to verify the first page so we had to make another one which didn’t have any posts) and it was a true merge: our followers were added to the verified page, our 3 months worth of posts, our custom link, and every photo. We did not have any reviews on either page so of course I can’t say whether they would have carried over or not but since everything else I can think of worked out, I’m sure the reviews wouldn’t be a problem.

    Hopefully this is an update and it’s so simple for everyone else as well!

    Thanks for the great directions Susan!

  51. Paul says:

    I deleted the original google plus page, but then google search results would point to the deleted, now “backup” page and return an error that it couldn’t find it. So I brought it back, but now in the Google search results, it’s still pointing to the original, what is now the “backup” page that is not used… How can I remedy this? Shouldn’t Google start pointing to the newly merged page, rather than the backup which won’t be used any more?

  52. Tevya says:

    Any update on the “long promised” multiple locations linked to 1 brand page? Would sure be useful. Seems like a no-brainer too, that should have been implemented years ago.

  53. What should I do with Backup of merged page?

  54. Jan says:

    it just doesn’t work anymore. I merged one set a month ago without any problem. No I want to merge another set (another company) verified location with G+ page and that button/link is not there. Should I wait longer time after verification process? It’s already a month….

  55. TechZac says:

    Can I delete the backup page later?
    Is there any way to create local business page for a brand page. If yes, please share the tutorial.

  56. i have same problem too, my business page dont have google + page

  57. Leo says:

    Update : You cant merge pages now in 2018

    It isn’t currently possible to merge separate Google Accounts. However, if you’d like to transfer your data from one account to another, this may be done on a per product basis

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