I’ve had a rather stressful day sorting out a number of less-than-pleasant issues arising from marketing on the Internet.

The first of these concerns folk lifting content from this blog and publishing on their own websites. (You know who you are. And I know who you are.)

I knew this blog was good, but I didn’t realise it was good enough to plagiarise (or scrape, or steal)

I had received an e-newsletter that contained an article that looked suspiciously familiar. Upon closer examination, I found it was a cut-and-paste lifting of one of my articles from my blog.

My curiosity piqued, I searched Google to find if any other sites were re-using my article. All you need to do is select some copy, put it inside inverted commas, and Google searches for your text.

And to my surprise, I found 3 more sites, all happily using my text as their own.

What to do?

I just dropped each website owner a message, saying they were welcome to use my article but that they needed to attribute it to me with a link to my website.

And to my delight, I now how 3 new inbound links. A great contribution to my SEO strategy.

The moral of the story? Keep an eye out for your valuable Internet content. And remember that, like me, you probably don’t have the resources or inclination to fight a legal battle. My grandma always said “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar” – and the polite request for attribution worked just fine.

This time, at least….

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