Your web page rankings in the search engines is a function of the quality, quantity, and relevancy of other websites that link to you.

One common strategy to boost your number of links is to build reciprocal links; that is to say, a swapping arrangement where I will link to you, if you give me a link back.

There is much debate as to whether Google approves of reciprocal links or not. The answer to whether reciprocal links are good or bad is it depends.

Good reciprocal links are those links where we should link to each other naturally. If your business is about Renewable Energy then you are very likely to be linking to other green energy sites, solar power websites and the like. And it is only natural and logical that these sites are going to link back you.

High ranking renewable energy sites are very likely indeed to have a high proportion of reciprocal links with other energy sites. They all like to link to each other, and they provide the links in the authentic spirit of signposting other useful resources to their visitors.

Bad reciprocal links are links coming from irrelevant sites that have nothing to do with your business. Particularly worthless links are coming from spammy sites that will give absolutely anybody a link in return for a link back.

Some characteristics of good reciprocal links are:

  • the site will be in the same topical area of my website
  • the site will be indexed by Google, especially the specific page containing the link to my site
  • the site will have a good Google Page Rank
  • the site will not have hundreds of links on its linking page
  • the site will have an element of moderation, meaning it is not a”free for all” links page

When seeking reciprocal links with suitable partners, keep in mind:

  • that you might want to ask your linking partner to link to a specific internal page on your website, for instance you might ask the solar specialist website to link directly to your solar energy page
  • that you will want to ask the linking partner to include keyword rich anchor text in the link to your site
  • that your link is embedded in some text that is relevant to your business area

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