If you don’t invest in ecommerce SEO services, don’t expect to make many sales online

At Hallam, we’ve designed and implemented intelligent ecommerce SEO strategies for scores of businesses from a range of sectors.

An ecommerce SEO strategy will:

  • Increase the likelihood that your products will appear in search results, no matter how extensive or niche your range
  • Tackle the underlying technical issues, such as duplicate content and poor URL structuring
  • Optimise your sales funnel, identifying and removing any obstacles that stand between your prospects and their purchases
  • Create original and compelling product descriptions to help your products to rank and to encourage your customers to make a purchase

We can even help you to obtain more customer reviews to send strong trust signals to your visitors.

We're an experienced team of ecommerce specialists, and we know how to get your products seen and sold

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Our experts share their thoughts

Ecommerce SEO involves ensuring that every product in your range stands a chance of being found by a potential customer.

Ecommerce SEO Will Make Your Products Stand Out In A Competitive Online Market.

Because for every product you sell, there’s going to be a customer out there looking to buy.

The problem is that all customers who shop online have a huge choice of suppliers. Your competitors are never more than a click away.

Ecommerce SEO is chiefly concerned with making sure that your products stand out among the competition.

Ecommerce SEO is Tough.

Optimising ecommerce sites for the search engines is complicated. It can pose a much greater challenge than optimising standard business websites.

This is partially because of the sheer volume of pages. Some ecommerce sites can list thousands of products. On top of that, unless you know what you’re doing, it’s all too easy to accidentally bury your products in the search results.

You Need Ecommerce SEO Agency Specialists.

Online shopping is supposed to be easier and more convenient than high street shopping.

If you run an ecommerce site, you have a responsibility to create an online shopping experience that’s every bit as good as it should be.

And for this, you’ll need a good ecommerce SEO strategy.

Why Work With Hallam?

If you want your ecommerce business to rank well, you need a good combination of analytical, technical, and creative skills.

We have a strong multidisciplinary team. We’re uniquely qualified to offer this mix of abilities. We also have the sort of insight that can only be developed through extensive experience.

So whether you want to boost the visibility of a specific product or of an entire range, we’ll be able to help. We’ve worked with all the major ecommerce platforms, including Magento. And we know what it takes to deliver the results you need.

Get Your Own Dedicated Ecommerce Consultant.

We don’t hide behind computers. If you ever want to discuss your strategy or your results, just give us a call.

We’ll assign an ecommerce specialist to your case, and they’ll always be happy to chat. We’re also a Google certified Ecommerce PPC agency.