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Trendspotting: January 2023

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Julie Reid
Julie Reid

Strategy Director

January written in scrabble

There’s something satisfying about tidying up the holiday decorations and getting back into a more structured approach to the days after the haze of movie marathons, more cheese and crackers than is reasonable and lots of lovely tipples. That being said, having the chance to catch our breath after the events of last year was certainly a good thing. 
As we turn toward 2023, the ongoing challenges in the economy, supply chains, politics and customer confidence don’t appear to be going away anytime soon. Maybe what’s needed is to adopt the mindset of a long-distance runner. Remembering to pace ourselves and build in times of rest to boost our resilience. Looking at the route ahead and planning for different scenarios we’ll need to adapt to. Finding like-minded people to go the distance with. 
Our Strategy team have pulled together a few marketing trends we’re watching as we kick off the new year. 

5 rules of recession-proofing

Analytics Partners has been collecting data for the past 20 years, resulting in their ROI Genome project. One of their recent reports looks at five rules of recession-proofing that can help marketers get more out of their advertising – and help convince leadership it’s worth continued investment. 

Everything you really need to know about ChatGPT

With the release of ChatGPT at the end of November, it seems like everyone had time to spare to test out the technology and see what it’s capable of. We provide a quick look at how it works, what its limitations – and potential implications – are and offer a few ways to use it as a practical tool. 

The ongoing challenge of reporting and attribution 

This is one of the biggest challenges referenced by marketers for 2023, especially as they try to balance the need for personalisation with the growing demand for consumer privacy. As old ways of reporting become obsolete, we look at the other options marketers have to ensure they can report on what’s working. 

Will media retail transform marketing in 2023?

Overall advertising spend is projected to slow over the next year, but one area that may provide marketers a chance to reach new customers is through retail media – using retailers first-party customer and loyalty data will prove valuable as third-party cookies are phased out. 

Channel updates 

And finally, we reflect on TikTok’s influence on other social platforms and recap a few developments for local search that launched in Q4. 
Download the report below and get in touch to discuss what these trends could mean for your business. 

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