The simple answer to this is yes. But that wouldn’t make for a very interesting post(!) so I’ll show you proof and a free tool that will let you find out if any of the keywords you target are seasonal.

Common sense tells you that some keywords will be more popular at some times of the year than others. You might have seen evidence of this in the Analytics data from your website but did you know that Google also allows you to see the trend in online search through a tool called Google Trends.

Google Trends has lots of features including showing you ‘Hot Searches’ for different countries. Unsurprisingly on Monday in America, there were over 2 million searches for the term ‘presidential debate’ –


Google Trends will also show you a graph of how popular a search term is. Here I have entered the term ‘ halloween costume’ which is obviously going to be season, but the graph shows you just how dramatic the change is –


Google Trends will allow you to limit the trend data to different kinds of web searches, by country or region, time period or category. Here I decided I wanted to know if trend for ‘halloween costume’ was any different in England compared to the Worldwide trend show above –

Google Trends shows us that it the term has been increasing in popularity in England since 2004 –



Obviously different celebrations, world events and holidays are going to affect the popularity of keywords and search terms but here’s a less obvious one. Look at the trend for the keyword ‘HD TV’ –



Who would have thought that that keyword would be so seasonal? But thinking about it, it makes sense. The peaks in the trend for this keyword are all in December. It looks to me very much like people are buying HD TVs as Christmas presents (lucky recipients!) or perhaps researching them ready for the January sales.

Head over to Google Trends now and have a go imputing some of your keywords and see if any of those are seasonal as well. If you find that they are, you might want to concentrate your optimisation efforts on those products, services or pages before the peak season arrives so you have the best chance of ranking well for those keywords.

Let me know in the comments if you find any results that surprise you!

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2 responses to “Are Keywords Seasonal?”

  1. Charlotte Rielly says:

    Thanks Sarah, this is a really interesting article! Definately going to get onto google trends to see what I can dig out about my industry (legal services)

    • Sarah Dawes says:

      Hi Charlotte, glad you enjoyed the post. I couldn’t resist going to have a quick look at Google Trends since you mentioned your industry(!) I noticed there are some huge breakout trends which you could potentially take advantage of! Best of luck and let me know how you get on 🙂

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