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Have you seen those little Facebook ‘like’ buttons on websites and boxes that show a companies Facebook fans? Want one for your website? Read on and I’ll show you how… for free!

Why integrate Facebook with your website?

If you already have a Page on Facebook why wouldn’t you want to let your website visitors know about that? Integrating Facebook with your website lets you –

  • Show visitors how many people like your Facebook Page and if any of their friends already like you on Facebook
  • Like your Facebook Page straight from your website without having to leave
  • Display recent Facebook status updates directly on your website

Ok, so you’ve decided that you want to integrate Facebook with your website, great! Now you’ve got two choices, you can choose to add a Facebook Like Box or just a Facebook Like Button. Examples of each can be seen below…

How to create a Facebook Like Box for your website - Hallam Internet

What is a Facebook Like Button on a website - Hallam Internet

How to add a Facebook Like Box

It’s actually really simple to add either to your website, and best of all, they’re both FREE!

To get started, just go the the Facebook Developers site here – How to create a Facebook Like Box and follow the instructions.

As shown in the image below you can change the design and layout of your Facebook Like Box depending on which options you turn on or off.

How to create a Facebook Like Box - Hallam Internet

After you enter the name of your Facebook Page in the ‘Facebook Page URL’ field you can start changing the –

  • Size
  • Colour scheme
  • Pictures of your fans
  • Recent Facebook posts (i.e. ‘Stream’)
  • Border colour

When you’ve got the Facebook Like Box looking how you want, just click on the ‘Get Code‘ button at the bottom. This will open up a new screen where you can copy the code for the button you have just created.

To make the Box appear on your website you will need to paste this code into the template of pages of your website where you want the box to appear. If you have access to the code of your website it’s an easy job to do, otherwise, pass the code to your website developer and ask them to do it for you.

How to add a Facebook Like Button

If you don’t want something quite as large as the above on your website, it’s a very similar process to add a Facebook Like Button which is much smaller.

Hallam Internet - How to create a Facebook Like Button

Just go to the Facebook Developer site again here – How to create a Facebook Like Button and follow the instructions.

A Facebook Like Button has the added advantage of letting you choose any URL to create a Like Button for. You don’t even need to have a Facebook Page. You can choose to enter your website address in the ‘Choose your URL’ field if you wanted to.

What’s great about this little button is that when someone clicks the Facebook Like Button on your website, a story appears in their friends’ Facebook News Feed with a link back to your website or Facebook Page (whichever URL you chose). This will help you to easily spread the word about your website or Facebook Page!

If you’ve got any questions, just pop them in the comments and don’t forget to LIKE Hallam Internet on Facebook!

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