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If you want to reach more business owners and decision makers, then LinkedIn Advertising may be a highly cost effective method for you to consider.

You can reach well defined, highly specific groups of users on LinkedIn, whether Sage accounts users, individuals interested in health and safety, or financial directors in the UK.  If you are able to define your favourite kind of customer, then you may be able to reach them by advertising on LinkedIn.

How does LinkedIn Advertising Work?

It is quite straight forward, really.

First, you create your ad. Or better yet, you create up to 15 versions of your ads that LinkedIn will test, and you can learn which ads perform best.

Next, you identify the LinkedIn users you want to target. Targeting options include

  • Industry sector
  • Job function
  • Company size
  • Geography
  • Gender
  • Age

And finally, you set your budgets.  You can advertise either on a price per click model, or on a cost per impression, which means how many times your ad displays, irrespective of clicks. You can set a daily budget, as well as the maximum amount you want to pay for each ad.  There is a small fee to activate your account, and then you can start or stop your advertising at will.

Although this blog post is about LinkedIn Text Ads, it is also important to know that Sponsored Updates are also available. These are a different type of ad that allow companies to pay to promote their content to certain audiences on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Advertising tips

If you are new to LinkedIn then your best bet might be to get some advice, so give us a ring and we can discuss setting up your campaign.

In the meantime, here are some easy tips for you to improve your LinkedIn advertising

  1. Think about your art work.  Image ads on LinkedIn are highly effective, and can get 20% more clicks
  2. Test different versions of your ads to see which ones get the best results from your prospective customers.  You can test different headlines, different images, different propositions, and different calls to action
  3. Do you think questions work?  Yes, they do! Try using questions in your ads
  4. Create a good landing page.  Your landing page is the page on your website that ad will click through to.  If you are making an offer in your advert, then ensure your landing page repeats the same offer.
  5. Targeting members of LinkedIn groups can be highly successful. They have expressed an interest in your product or service, so it is a pool of warm leads.
  6. Typically you will need to have at least two LinkedIn targeting criteria to reach a well defined audience, for example Industry and Job Function.
  7. However, getting too specific is not a good idea, and a successful campaign will typically have an audience size of at least 100,000 individuals

How much does LinkedIn Advertising Cost?

And finally, the big question:  how much does it cost?

Typically, LinkedIn advertising starts at US$2.00 per click, which depending on exchange rates is UK £1.25.

You can set your own budgets, so there is no need for a surprise overspend.

And in many instances, the cost to generate a lead or for a conversion can be less expensive than the Google AdWords equivalent.

How to Manage Your LinkedIn Advertising

The Linkedin Campaign Manager is a tool which allows you to manage both Linkedin Text Ads and Sponsored Updates. Here are some features that will help you meet your advertising goals:

  • A campaign start date has been introduced which allows you to schedule campaigns to start in the future.
  • An easily accessible account overview which includes multiple advertising accounts by Company Page or Showcase page
  • Get a detailed breakout of all social actions on Sponsored Update campaigns (including Likes, Shares, Comments etc)
  • The ability the view audience insights
  • Visual reporting which depends on the filters the user selects
  • A section to search for specific campaigns
  • For Sponsored Updates, users now post rich media

Get in touch if you would like a proposal for us to create a LinkedIn advertising campaign for you.

6 responses to “LinkedIn Advertising: tips, costs, and how does it work”

  1. Luis says:

    Great tips Susan. I myself and thinking of starting my own campaign on LinkedIn.

  2. Vijay says:

    Liked your article. Thanks for explaining the matter in simple and to the point way.

  3. Paula says:

    Great, some good tips there thanks…now time to take the plunge..

  4. Manoj Negi says:

    All the tips are covered nicely, while considering the LinkedIn Paid Advertising i suggest to add the conversion code also 🙂 so that the campaign can be optimized for a better ROI.

  5. Larus Thor says:

    “There is a small fee to activate your account…”

    Then nothing about it in payment.

    • Lauren Ahluwalia Lauren Ahluwalia says:

      Hi Larus,

      Since the time of writing, there is no longer a fee for setting up your account LinkedIn account.


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