Working with the global top 100 university, the University of Nottingham, we’ve launched an exciting partnership giving you the opportunity to learn Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

With course materials written by our SEO experts, learn everything from SEO fundamentals to the advanced strategies on a course fully-accredited by the university.

So, who is the course designed for?

Our SEO Masterclass course is tailor-made for in-house marketers, people who want to increase their SEO knowledge and from every level of education who want to build their digital career, particularly in the field of SEO.

It’s designed to fit around full-time work and responsibilities to help those of you with limited free time to catapult your professional growth and push the boundaries of your career.

Ben Wood, our Director of Growth & Innovation, shared: “After working with the university for a number of years now across traditional student recruitment campaigns, we’re extremely honoured to be involved in what is set to be an exciting new chapter for the university in the growing online learning space.

“The course we’ve developed is perfect for marketers looking to develop their knowledge of SEO and gain accreditation from a leading UK university, and we’re looking forward to announcing additional courses in the coming months across the wider digital space.”

What can you expect to learn?

You’ll learn everything from the fundamentals of SEO to advanced strategies, including:

  • The principles and pillars of SEO and how it’s vital for modern business.
  • Learn how to draw insights from data and develop tactics that deliver lasting results.
  • Gain valuable experience solving difficult problems and create compelling and impactful SEO strategies that you can apply to your own marketing activities.
  • Grow your confidence in collaborating with key stakeholders by learning to understand their needs. 

Nick Mount, the University of Nottingham Online’s Academic Director, said: “The partnership between the University of Nottingham Online and Hallam has led to a unique set of SEO courses that draw on the practical knowledge and commercial insight of one of the ‘best-in-business’ digital marketing agencies and the academic expertise of a global top 100 University.

“By partnering with Hallam, one of the UK’s leading digital marketing agencies, we have been able to develop a unique SEO course that combines academic rigour and practical application – ensuring our learners emerge with the knowledge and skills they need to progress their careers to the next level.”

How will the course be delivered?

In line with our principles and to make the course as accessible as possible, it will be a 100% online, flexible course that you can fit around full-time work, and complete wherever you are and at your own pace.

The course will be available as either standard or fast track; both courses have the same content so it’s all down to how you prefer to learn.

Our intensive course runs full time over four intensive back-to-back study days in a single week (Mon – Thur), followed by two weeks to prepare a reflective learning account which you submit as assessment. The total study commitment is 40-50 hours.  Each of the four intensive study days is supported by a live session with tutors, as well as self-paced study and collaborative task work with other learners.

The intensive is a great option for learners who are able to clear a week of their work to complete the course. There’s no difference at all in the content, activities, outcomes and/or materials between the ‘standard’ and ‘intensive’ track courses – it’s simply the delivery that is different.

Conceived and designed in collaboration with the University of Nottingham, you’ll have unrestricted, round-the-clock access to all comprehensive course materials through your student portal. From illuminating video content and enlightening readings to a wealth of invaluable resources, we’ve got you covered. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll receive a recognised certificate from a leading university.

The course starts on the 6th October and places are limited. We’re also offering a 20% off early-bird discount to everyone who registers for the first course intake.

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