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Part #2: Preparing for peak trade – content and campaigns

Published on:

Megan McVeigh

Senior Marketing Executive

So, your website is all set for the influx of visitors, you’ve marked out your key dates for content activity and you’ve used Google Trends to get a few content ideas. So should you hold off releasing any campaigns until nearer the time?
In a word (or two), absolutely not. With less than 90 days until November, any current website visitors you have between now and then will fall into your 90-day re-marketing audience window for the month of November. 
Essentially, the race to Q4 has officially begun, and a reluctance to act now may lose you potential customers in the future. 
Using the expert insights from our Ultimate Peak Trade guide, we’ve pieced together some of the headlines so you can find out what you need to know for your organic and paid content. 

Paid campaigns: are you missing a trick?

During Q4, the time frame between driving awareness to your brand and the purchase of a product is a process that has to be condensed. 
One of the best ways to drive awareness is to push video content. Video content is much less costly than most paid ads (cost-per-view is generally a lot lower than cost-per-click) and is easily re-marketable content. 
As an efficient way of driving awareness garnered through video content into potential sales, tailored product-focused ads make great content for previous video viewers over the next 90 days. At this point, viewers are probably still deciding what products they want to buy, so by putting the products in front of them, you’re guiding customers to complete the sales cycle.
However, the customer journey never finishes at the checkout. To increase the lifetime value and revenue of your business over time, it is essential to continue driving the right customers back, time and again. In our Peak Trade Guide, you can find advice detailing the types of exclusive discounts you should be offering to encourage customer loyalty after each purchase.

How do I amplify organic content? 

It is essential to create content that can make your brand stand out in the sea of others during the busiest time of the year. There is currently more content circulated than there are humans to absorb it so it’s vital to ensure that every piece of content is good content and has the chance of visibility.
In our Ultimate Peak Trade Guide, Siobhan Congreve, our Head of Content Marketing, shares the tips she swears by. 
For top peak trade performance, Siobhan says that your content should:

  • Follow a storyline throughout the content 
  • Make it easy for a viewer to understand
  • Consider: is it any different from what has been done before?
  • Explain where you have got any data from to increase trust 
  • Drive emotion: e.g. shock, laughter, excitement
  • Repurpose content for multiple campaigns – social media, digital PR and top of the funnel campaigns 

Be social and grow organically

When it comes to peak trade, never underestimate the importance of organic social
Jacqueline Martin, our Social Media Consultant, shares her ideal social media strategy plan for organic growth.
Her essential tips, that can be easy to overlook, include:

  • Pinning posts to make sure valuable messages are seen
  • Setting up in-app purchasing on social channels
  • Using clear CTAs on posts for a smooth customer journey 
  • Preparing a list of social-friendly replies and FAQs to queries
  • Considering collaborating with influencers

Found these tips useful? Want a bit more detail? Download the Peak Trade Guide for a more detailed picture of how to perform at your best in Q4.

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