2023 has been a challenging year for SaaS marketers, with rising inflation impacting spend and profits, tech stack consolidation limiting SaaS investments, and the longer buying cycle coupled with changes to digital attribution and measurement making it increasingly difficult to prove ROI.  There is greater emphasis on efficiency and profitability – and you can expect this to continue well into 2024…

This report, compiled by experts from Hallam, Google, LinkedIn, Eloomi, and Magic Numbers features contributions from experienced marketers from around the SaaS world, explaining how your business can continue to grow by doing more with less.

What’s in the SaaS Marketing Playbook?

In this eBook, we cover: 

  • Year in review: efficiency is the new growth
  • Data in review: what can we learn from our SaaS index?
  • Five B2B marketing trends to watch in 2024
      • 1. 2024, the year the cookie finally crumbles?
      • 2. Preparing for the era of the AI copilot
      • 3. Human perspectives as a precious commodity
      • 4. Breaking through the performance plateau
      • 5. Navigating the complex B2B buyer journey

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