We launched an exciting new SEO course, fully accredited by the University of Nottingham, last week, and now we’re taking you through just one of the ways you can expect to learn.

The first course of the Masterclass series: SEO Fundamentals, is designed for SEO beginners and will be available as either standard or fast track; with the standard option taking place over 11 weeks, and fast track a more intensive version over the course of 1 week. Both courses have the same content, so whichever you choose is down to however you prefer to learn. 

The structure of the course for the standard track has officially been released, so here’s a closer look into what the course will cover and how you can expect to learn.

What will the SEO course cover?

SEO Fundamentals covers SEO theory, helping you to gain a better understanding of SEO and its different models and principles, as well as why SEO is critical for building a successful business.

The theory will build a foundation for the skills you’ll learn, from learning to apply Hallam’s four pillar model of SEO and putting SEO frameworks into practice, to developing your own insights into the future of SEO. 

How will you learn?

The SEO Fundamentals course will feature a mixture of live learning, independent tasks and an assessment, adding up to a total of 40-50 hours learning. Plus, you’ll be granted access to a learning portal and materials throughout the length of the course.

Beginning with a live networking and introduction session, you’ll be guided through where to start and provided with the materials you need to kickstart your learning. 

There will be five live sessions throughout the course, all no more than 2 hours long, so that you have the support you need to progress in your learning, the space to collaborate with others and time to receive tips and advice from your tutor. The second live session will take place after you have gained an understanding of SEO theory and will guide you through how to develop the main skills needed to apply SEO principles and frameworks. The next live sessions will guide you through the main task and then the assessment, and upon completion will be followed by the final live session on the 15th December, where your tutor will provide course feedback.

The benefits of learning this way

We’ve designed our SEO course with enough contact hours to help learners feel supported throughout their experience, while also creating tasks that can be completed independently when engaging with the materials provided. This method of learning makes the course accessible to anyone wanting to improve their SEO knowledge and enhance professional growth while working in a full-time role.

The “learn as you go” approach means not only can you work at a time and place that suits you, but you can also begin to apply elements of your learning as you go along to your digital strategy at work.

Who is this course suitable for?

Whether you’re a junior in the SEO industry, a marketing manager who wants to keep their skills up to date or a complete SEO beginner, you’ll find enormous benefit in the course and the skills it will equip you with to take your digital strategy a step further.

Our Head of Organic, Carmen Dominguez, explained: “If you’ve always wanted to know more about the role SEO plays in digital strategy beyond tracking specific keywords, this is the perfect course for you. We discuss the fundamentals of SEO strategy, but we also talk about how SEO has evolved and is constantly evolving to become something central for any brand that wants to succeed in the long term.”

Download the course map to see more about how it will be structured.