Our SEO Masterclass series – taught by Hallam’s practical experts and supported by academic experts in digital marketing from the Nottingham University Business School – is being delivered in two entirely different streams, allowing you to take control of your own learning and choose a method of delivery that suits you.

We’ve previously outlined how the standard track works and now here’s a closer look into how the Mastering SEO: Fundamentals intensive track will be delivered, when it will be available and what benefits you can expect to receive.

Benefits of the intensive track

With both standard and intensive tracks containing the same course materials and content, it may be difficult deciding which course is the best option for you. 

It essentially all comes down to personal preference and your learning style; if you’re unsure of the benefits, here’s what you can expect by opting for the intensive track. 

  • This version of the course will bring you up to speed quickly – essential if you’re in a role or managing a campaign that requires you to have wider SEO knowledge.
  • The course will span across four days, so you’ll be able to dedicate your entire focus to your learning with little to no distractions.
  • You’ll receive your accredited certification in a quicker time frame than the standard tract – perfect if you’ve got a particular campaign coming up that you need to get your head around.

The opportunity to ask an SEO professional was invaluable – auditing and discussing real sites and projects gave us learnings we could immediately use.

Vicky Browne, Eden Project

When is it available?

The intensive track is available for both courses in the Masterclass series – Mastering SEO: Fundamentals and Mastering SEO: Tactics and Insights – allowing learners to choose an option that distils all the same course content and materials as the standard track into a short four-day period.

The intensive track for the Mastering SEO: Fundamentals is set to launch on the 6th November, while the intensive track for Mastering SEO: Tactics and Insights is set to launch at the start of 2024. 

Mastering SEO: Fundamentals will develop learners’ competence in employing SEO principles for generating tailored content to specific audiences, providing a foundational level of understanding recommended for progressing onto Mastering SEO: Tactics and Insights.

Successful learners will be able to:

  • Outline SEO principles
  • Explain SEO’s importance for business
  • Use Hallam’s 4 pillars of SEO model
  • Find conceptual models for SEO projects
  • Generate tailored content and fully optimised copy
  • How to communicate with clients on a client call and spot potential SEO opportunities from wider marketing feedback

What will the intensive track look like?

Overall, you’ll enjoy 5 hours in live learning sessions with Hallam’s expert practitioners and the University of Nottingham’s academic experts, beginning with a live 1 hour networking and introduction session where you’ll receive the materials needed to kickstart your learning.

After your introduction, you’ll begin by diving into the first 2 capabilities which take an estimated 4.5 hours to complete. The learning capabilities are designed to help you build the knowledge, skills and behaviours around SEO that will not only be useful for the course assessment but for real-world application.

The following day you’ll kick off with another live session with your tutor, who’ll support you with the learning you’ve done so far; the rest of the day will be spent completing the next 3 capabilities totalling an estimated learning time of 5 hours.

A very well-structured course and great fundamental breakdown of the principles of SEO strategies. The course instructors were engaging and very well versed in the material. The course was completely up to date and filled gaps in my understanding of the current SEO landscape.

Michael Conti, Vivid Laminating Technologies

After all capabilities are completed, your tutor will walk you through a live task to complete, checking in on your progress the next morning. Once the task is completed and you’ve received feedback, your tutor will guide you through how to prepare for the assessment and you’ll have just over two weeks to complete it.

A few weeks after the assessment is submitted, there’ll be a chance to receive feedback at the final live session, after which you should receive your University of Nottingham digital accreditation.

More of a visual learner? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered; download the course map to clearly see how the days will be structured.