After completing a Master’s degree in History at the University of Nottingham, Stan gained experience within a successful local IT company. Excited to move into the world of digital marketing and grow with Hallam, Stan joins us as a Graduate Digital Marketing Executive and is keen to build expertise across search marketing fields.

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Whether a large ecommerce site or a website representing a local business, there are things you should be doing digitally to make the most of the festive season.

Next up today is Ian Coupland, of the Digital Media & Marketing Services team at Experian. He delivered a really insightful talk on marketing personalisation, breaking down what it is,...

Alongside the increasing importance of voice search in the SEO world, visual search technology continues to advance. What is visual search, and what do digital marketers need to know?

As is inevitable on ecommerce sites, products will need to be retired as they become temporarily or permanently unavailable. What should be done with these pages to ensure SEO health...

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