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The search industry is in a constant state of change, and that rate of change is accelerating. One notable area of development is the rising use of voice search and the growth of visual search technology.  Voice and visual search are both experiencing exponential growth in terms of usage, but awareness and understanding of the opportunities this technology presents to search marketers is lagging.

Over the next five years, search will undergo a momentous shift around how people interact and manage relationships with other people, businesses and AI due to increased trust being placed in virtual assistants and improving visual search technology. In 2020 consumer intent and technology will power user experience and the advertising models of the future. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility for brands to start moving spend from text to voice ads, and from investing in clicks to answers and actions.

This report details examples of how brands are currently leveraging voice and visual search technology to better reach their customers and provides actionable advice on how you too can adapt to the changing search habits brought about by the rise of voice and visual search technology.

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One response to “Whitepaper: Voice & Visual Search – How to reach your customers in the evolving search landscape”

  1. Voice truly is going to be then next viral trend that everyone’s using. Along with virtual reality, they allow users to not just communicate but learn much different then they’re normally accustomed too.

    It’s funny how often we criticize new trends and then they end up becoming what we use and operate with daily.

    Great post!!

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