When starting out on an SEO project for your website, you’ll need to optimise your pages for carefully selected keywords.  But, finding the right keywords can be a tricky task.  While tools like Google’s Keyword Tool are excellent starting points, you might need to dig deeper and think harder to find the phrases that will work for your website.

To help you with that, we’ve put together 5 alternative sources for keyword suggestions, that might provide just the right phrase for you.

1. YouTube Keyword Tool

Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google?  It’s hardly suprising then that they have their own keyword tool – and as YouTube is owned by Google the functions of their tool should feel familiar.

As you’d expect, they come up with some unusual suggestions.  What has the phrase “addicted to twilight” got to do with “engagement ring”?  The lead characters in the Twilight series of films get engaged, of course.  While this may not seem helpful, you might discover a new trend or hot topic that could become the subject of your next blog post.

2. Website referral logs

If you’re using any form of analytics software for your website, you should have a goldmine of keyword research waiting at your fingertips.  Your referral logs should be able to tell you what keywords visitors used to find your website, which might throw up some interesting ideas that you hadn’t thought of before.

3. Google Wonder Wheel

More Search Tools for Keyword SuggestionsA quirky little tool that is like an online mind map – as created by Google.  Tucked away in the new search options down the left hand side of the Google search results pages is this neat tool. Click on “more search tools” to find the Wonder Wheel.

The Wonder Wheel shows you a mind map of search terms related to your search.  It also allows you to click on the related terms to generate new Wonder Wheels and give you more keyword suggestions.  This is a fun little tool that should give you some more ideas, but watch you don’t get caught up in playing with this.

Keyword Suggestions Google Wonder Wheel

4. Other Search Engines

Have you noticed that when you type a search term into Google, it tries to guess what you might be looking for?  This feature is known as Google Suggest and it looks like this:

Keyword suggestions Google Suggest

Other search engines have similar features, while Google is by far and away the most popular search engine, smaller engines do still get traffic and they might have some interesting keyword suggestions for you.

5. Twitter Search

Or Facebook, or Digg…  Social media is big news and big business nowadays.  Most importantly for you, it tells you what people are talking about right now.  You might have to wade through more data to find some gems, but if you need an idea for a blog post to write this minute, search social media for what’s hot in your niche.

With a little bit of creativity, you can find a whole host of keyword ideas that your competitors are not already targeting in their SEO strategy.  Make sure you analyse any suggestions that you come up with, to ensure that you are targeting the most appropriate search terms to help you achieve your Internet Marketing goals.

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