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Taking place on November 27, Black Friday 2015 is fast approaching.

According to IMRG, £810 million was spent last year, and the company predicts that £1 billion will be spent by UK online shoppers this Black Friday.

On Black Friday, social media has great potential to engage and increase a business or brand’s reach, whether it’s via a give-away, a competition, or with exclusive discounts.

Here’s 5 tips to help your business with its social media strategy this Black Friday.

black friday

1. Have a Plan

First decide whether or not your business is going to take part in Black Friday. Once this has been established, you can ensure that all online platforms work together to create an effective Black Friday digital marketing campaign. The more preparation your business does, the less stressful it will be on the day! Make sure you have set achievable goals before choosing what promotions you are going to run through social media. For example, you might want to increase the sale of a particular product.

2. Be Active

  • By scheduling what goes out on social media ahead of time, you can let your customers know about your offers in advance, to build up the excitement levels and keep people interested.
  • Many customers will be researching where to find the best deals before the actual event. Before Black Friday, you might consider running a Facebook or AdWords campaign to gain the attention of potential customers. This will let your customers know that you’re taking part in Black Friday, and as a result fans might check back on the day to see what promotions you have on.
  • Using relevant hashtags, for example #CyberMonday and #BlackFriday, will help increase the visibility of your posts before and during the shopping event.

3. Monitor Social Media Accounts

Ensure that you have a member of staff monitoring what is happening on your social media accounts, especially if someone mentions your brand. Potential customers will appreciate a company or brand that is attentive and is quick to respond.

4. Keep Customers up to Date with Crucial Information

To improve customer loyalty, inform them of any business information that might change over the festive season via social media accounts. For example, delivery options and opening hours. Social listening tools such as Hootsuite let you monitor what people are saying across social media platforms.

5. Report

Remember to look at the data from your social media platforms and write down what worked and what didn’t. This will help your business improve the experience your fans have with your brand and allow your organisation to improve your social media strategy for next year’s Black Friday event.

Have you decided on your social media strategy for Black Friday yet? What tactics will your business be using on the day?


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