As we head into Q2, economic uncertainty continues to be a huge factor in determining where your marketing budget is going. As ever, our Strategy team have pulled together a monthly run-down of trending topics and key insights to help inform these decisions. 

April’s report delves into how and why brands need to adapt strategies to better appear in Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE), the ever-complex B2B buying process and what really matters to buyers right now, and why B2B influencers might be the missing piece in your marketing efforts. 

How to adapt SEO strategies to better appear in Google’s SGE

The way we search continues to evolve with Google’s Search Generative Experiencerequiring new strategies. 

Head of Organic, Carmen Dominguez, explains what marketers need to consider to ensure they’re staying visible and outperforming competitors. 

Fresh insights on the B2B SaaS buying journey 

With decision-making processes increasingly influenced by multiple interaction points and stakeholders, gaining more clarity on the B2B buying journey is crucial for marketers aiming to effectively tailor their strategies and drive those all-important conversions. 

Sara Galbiati helps you identify what really matters to buyers right now. 

A growing role for B2B influencers

Over the past couple of years, influencer marketing agencies have been seeing an increase in requests for B2B influencer activity by organisations who want to expand their reach and reputation. 

Our Head of Brand, Julie Reid, explains why it’s important not to sniff at utilising their leverage.

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