A Guide to Making an Impact with Your Digital Marketing

On the Internet, we play on a level field. All of the tools available to our business are available to yours too – and the same applies across your peers, your competitors and those businesses we look at and think ‘they’re doing it well’. We all have the opportunity to Be The Best.

is your business as good as the best

Follow these steps to help your business to be as good as The Best in your digital marketing:

Be Trustworthy

Trust is extremely important in the customer journey. If you’re going to convert customers online –  be that in the form of a purchase, an enquiry or a sign up – your business needs to be trustworthy.

There are visual cues you can use to convey your business’ trustworthiness through your website:

  • Have contact details, including a physical address, on your website
  • Use logos, such as accreditations, qualifications or industry standards
  • Include a company logo to show professionalism in your design

If your business sells online (i.e. yours is an ecommerce business), include a verification signal, such as ‘verisign’, McAfee Secure and so on to let your customers know their money is safe. John Lewis, for example, includes all of these logos in the payment area.

Be Helpful

The best businesses understand that you need to give a little to get something back. The sharing of expertise is one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing. Here are some ways to be more helpful online:

  • Get the user experience right.
    One of the biggest barriers to conversion online is poor user experience. Your website needs to be easy to use with clear calls to action to let people know what they can do.
  • Showcase your expertise in a blog.
    By blogging regularly, you’ll build up the perceived expertise of your brand. Take a look at for an example of sharing expertise online.
  • Create high quality PDFs, videos and downloadable whitepapers.
    By investing time in creating this helpful content – think guides, how tos, introductions to and so on – you’ll show your audience how helpful you are.

Be Professional

Professionalism is communicated throughout all facets of good digital marketing. Here are a few ways to be more professional online:

  • Have a consistent brand.
    Document the use of colours, tone of voice your key messages to ensure you stay on brand at all times.
  • Create a social media policy.
    Your customers are increasingly turning to social media to better understand your business and to communicate with your directly. Have a clear policy in place to make sure everyone who represents your business on social media does so professionally. Take a look at a great example of this from TNT – simply Google the phrase ‘TNT social media policy’ to find their employees social media guidelines.
  • Respond quickly.
    Respond quickly to any online requests your customers leave you through contact forms, social media and blog comments. It’s important that people can reach you easily through your website if you are to convey a professional image.

Be Results Focused

The top digital marketers aren’t creating content or posting tweets and then sitting back to see what happens. They’re constantly improving their work through a process of measurement, analysis and refinement. Here are some simple steps to being more results focused with your digital marketing:

  • Know your goals.
    What are you trying to achieve online? Is it brand awareness? Sales? Enquiries? Know what you’re trying to achieve.
  • Have a clear strategy.
    Once you know where you’re trying you go, you need to know how you’ll get there. Create a clear strategy with tangible actions.
  • Analyse your results with Google Analytics.
    Google Analytics is a free software which sits behind your website and monitors how many people visit and what they do when they’re there. Use it to analyse the impact of your work. Has that new page you created brought in more traffic? Did any of your new social media followers go on to buy from you? Is your digital marketing making an impact on your bottom line?

It is only through measuring, analysing and refining your work that you can be sure of making a real impact through digital marketing.

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This article first appeared in the May 2014 edition of the Nottingham Post.

2 responses to “Is Your Business As Good as The Best?”

  1. Eric Schwartzman says:

    Unfortunately, a clear policy isn’t enough. Over the last 16 months, the number of social media policy violations that required disciplinary action doubled from 35% on Nov. 2012 to 70% in April 2014. Over that same period of time, the number of employers with social media policies went from 59% to 80%. Policies are important, but they don’t change employee behavior. Here’s the research:

    • HI Eric,

      Thank you for your comment. Indeed, policies are only useful if your employees follow the rules. That said, if there are no rules, it’s difficult for people to know what they can and cannot do. Having clear guidelines is a great foundation for social media.

      Unfortunately, your link doesn’t go to your research, but thanks for contributing anyway.

      Kind regards


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