How significant is mobile traffic to your website?  Do you have any idea how many mobile visitors you’re getting?

Google Analytics provides you with a quick and easy way to review your mobile visitors:

  • the number of mobile visitors your getting
  • what device your visitors are using (an iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, etc)
  • what screen resolution each device is using, so you can test what your content looks like on their teeny screen
  • and how they behave on your website.

Measuring your mobile visitors with Google Analytics

It is easy to review your visitor numbers; in the Old Version of Google Analytics on the left navigation use Visitors | Mobile | Mobile Devices, and change the None dimension filter to be “Screen Resolution”

In the new version of Google Analytics, select Technology | Mobile | and again change the dimension filter.

We can see iPhones running at various screen resolutions:  320×480,  320×396, and 320×384.  And the iPhone 4 has a resolution of 640×960

In this example, we can see that our 2,301 iPhone visitors have a significantly higher bounce rate than the average visitor to the site (40% vs 36%) and that they look at less content:

Google Analytics mobile traffic and visitor data

What on early does a mobile screen resolution 0 x 0 mean?

In this example, Analytics is reporting a large number of visitors with a screen resolution of 0x0.

What does this mean? Perhaps it is a robot?

I have to say I’m not entirely sure what is going on with this report.

At its simplest, and most likely, the mobile device is not running Javascript, and so Analytics can’t report the resolution

mobile screen resolution google analytics no javascriptLearning More About Your Mobile Visitors

Google Analytics has very kindly created a Default Segment for Mobile users, enabling you to quickly and easily drill down to learn more about how your mobile visitors behave.

You can easily activate the Advanced Segment for mobile, and discover the expectations and behaviour of your mobile users. For example, with one of our clients we discovered:

  • mobile visitors search for and discover our sites using very short, very brand-focused key phrases
  • we have a higher proportion of New visitors arriving from mobile devices as compared to site average
  • they are discovering the site more commonly as Direct Traffic

Your results, of course, will vary!

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