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In February Google announced a significant new update for Google My Business that gives page owners more control over the images that are displayed on Google Plus alongside their map and search results.

The update means that page owners are now able to tell the search giant exactly which image appears next to the results when customers search for their business on Google.

How Do I Choose Which Pictures Appear for My Business?

If you don’t yet have a Google My Business account, read our guide to setting one up.

To specify which images appear for your business, log in to Google My Business and select “manage photos” on your page dashboard. You can do this via the web, or from the mobile app.

Google Plus Dashboard - Manage Photos

You can then update your identity photos – that is, the pictures that people use to recognise your business and identify with your brand across the internet. You can choose which image appears in search and map results by clicking on the three dots – highlighted in yellow below – and selecting the appropriate image from the list:

Selecting an Identity Photo


Image Categories

In addition to selecting which image will appear next to your search and map results, you can assign your images to categories.

Image Categories for Google Plus

The following categories are available:

  • Interior photos – images of the inside of your work place.
  • Exterior photos – images of the outside of your work place.
  • Photos at work – images of you doing what you do best, e.g. helping a customer or creating a product.
  • Team photos – images of your team.
  • Additional photos – group the images that don’t fit neatly within the other categories here.

Google offers best practice recommendations for your images.

How Will This Benefit My Business?

This is a valuable tool for a range of industries. You can showcase different parts of your business using the range of photo categories that Google now offers. By highlighting these specific features with an image, you can aid your potential customers in the decision making process.

Identity Photos

These are used to build brand awareness. Make sure they’re up to date.

Interior Photos

These can help customers get an idea of the ambience of your business. This feature is particularly useful for hotels, as your potential guests can see what your rooms look like before they book.

Exterior Photos

Showcase your building exterior to help customers recognise your business. This is especially useful if you’re based in a location that’s difficult to find.

Photos at Work

This category isn’t just for sharing the common areas of your workplace. Use it to show off what happens “behind the scenes”, and demonstrate the nature and the scope of your work to your customers. If you offer a range of different services, your Photos of Work can be used to clearly depict each one.

Team Photos

Use this as an opportunity to add a more personal and human side to your business. Show that your team is broad and varied, and you could even include some appropriate out-of-office activities to show off your fun side.

Next Steps

  1.  Log in to Google My Business and update your identity photos. Choose which one you want Google to use in map and search results.
  2. Move your existing pictures into the appropriate new image categories.
  3. Use Google’s guided help for tips on adding the best photos for your business, and show off what makes you unique.

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