Google Shopping is a great platform for ecommerce site owners to advertise and sell products online. But setting up Google product listing adverts does initially require quite a bit of work.

The good news is that once you’ve setup your Google shopping campaigns, you can quite easily import them into Bing Ads without much additional effort.

In this post I’ll explain how to create Bing Shopping Ads by importing your Google Shopping Campaigns directly into Bing Ads. This guide will ultimately allow you to show your products to an even wider audience, which in turn will hopefully increase your sales and revenue.Bing Shopping product listing adverts on

Why should you consider using Bing Shopping?

While Bing doesn’t have nearly the same amount of paid clicks as Google, it is less competitive. The range of companies showing product adverts is much lower and the price per click is also lower than on Google.

What do you need before you can create Bing Shopping Campaigns using the import feature?

Before you get started, you first need to have complete the following tasks:

  1. Successfully set up a working Google XML Product Feed
  2. Set up a working Google AdWords Shopping campaign
  3. Create a Bing Ads account
  4. Create a Bing Merchant Center Store – To do this you need to have verified your site by setting up Bing Webmaster Tools account for your website.

Once you’ve completed these steps you’re ready to proceed.

Step 1 – Setting up your Bing Shopping feed file

First you need to make a copy of your Google Shopping feed and check whether the attributes in the feed match the attributes support by Bing Ads. The good news is that most of the Google attributes are supported by Bing Ads. All of the feed attributes are accepted by Bing, or have minor differences.

View Bing’s guide on which Google feed file attributes you can use when importing into Bing Ads.

For quick reference I have listed below the attributes that are different or not accepted during the import process:

Differences between Google attributes and Bing Shopping feed attributes

Basic Attributes
Google Attribute Used by Bing? Notes
product_type Yes Google accepts multiple values here.
Bing expects a singular value here and treats the comma-separated values as a single value.
This means when setting auto-targets in Bing Ads, you have to exact-match the comma-separated string.
additional_image_link Not Used


Unique Product Identifiers
Google Attribute Used by Bing? Notes
gtin Yes This attribute isn’t used by Merchants using the Bing-Format for Catalog files.
mpn Yes
identifier_exists Not Used


Availability and Price
Google Attribute Used by Bing? Notes
availability Yes Google’s values are ‘in stock’, ‘available for order’, ‘out of stock’, ‘preorder’.
Bing does not accept ‘available for order’ and ‘preorder’, and only accepts ‘in stock’ items.
identifier_exists Not Used


Tax and Shipping
Google Attribute Used by Bing? Notes
tax Not Used
shipping Not Used
shipping_weight Not Used


Unit Prices
Google Attribute Used by Bing? Notes
unit_pricing_measure Not Used
unit_pricing_base_measure Not Used


Energy Labels
Google Attribute Used by Bing? Notes
Energy_efficiency_class Not Used


Loyalty Points
Google Attribute Used by Bing? Notes
loyalty_points Not Used


Multiple Instalments
Google Attribute Used by Bing? Notes
instalment Not Used


Additional Attributes
Google Attribute Used by Bing? Notes
excluded_destination Not Used
expiration_date Not Used


Once you are satisfied that your feed specification is correct you can proceed to the import process.

Step 2 – Begin importing your Shopping campaigns into Bing Ads

There are a few different options available for importing your campaigns:

  • Import directly from AdWords
  • Create a CSV file using Google AdWords Editor and import into Bing

Import directly from AdWords

The steps involved in importing directly from AdWords are as follows:

  1. Sign into Bing Ads
  2. In Bing Ads Click Import Campaigns and choose Import from AdWords:
    Bing Ads Campaign Import Option
  3. Click on Sign into Google AdWords and then accept
  4. Select the shopping campaigns that you would like to import. It is a good idea to start with one campaign to begin with.
  5. Under the heading Choose Bing Ads account and import options select the following:
    • Choose the Bing Ads account to import into
    • Select your timezone
    • Decide on which campaigns to import
    • Set your Bids and Budget Options
    • Make sure you have a Bing Merchant Center account setup and tick this box. If you do not tick this box you will see a message stating CampaignInvalidShoppingCampaignProviderId – Fix this issue directly in your import file, and try importing again.
      Bing Shopping campaign import options screen
  6. Once you have completed the above steps, click import.
  7. Check the compatibility issues report for problems:
    Bing Shopping Ads compatibility issues report summary
  8.  If you’re still unable to import directly after several attempts you will need to complete the import process using a csv file.


Import using an import file

  1. Create a Microsoft Excel or CSV import file. You can download the import file template here.
  2. In Bing Ads, click Import Campaigns, and then click Import from file.
  3. If you have imported from a file in the past, you will see a table that tells you the Data/Time and Uploaded file that it was imported along with.
  4. Click Browse and select the import file you’ve created, then click Continue.
  5. Use the drop-down lists to adjust any Bing Ads column headings to match those in your import file, then clickContinue.
  6. Under Choose Bing Ads account & import options, do the following:
    • Choose the Bing Ads account you want to import to
    • Choose the appropriate time zone
    • Choose the appropriate options for What to import
    • Choose the options you want for Bids and budgets
  7. Click Import.
  8. Unmatched columns will not be imported.

What doesn’t get imported from AdWords?

When importing campaigns into Bing Ads, it is worth noting that the following does not get imported.
  • Negative keywords libraries
  • Ad group-level Sitelink Extensions
  • Ad group-level App Extensions
  • IP exclusions
  • Some locations are also not recognised by Bing and so remember to check your location targeting settings


Importing Google Shopping campaigns into Bing Ads is really quite straightforward.

Obviously traffic on Bing is much lower than on Google, but Bing Shopping advertising is still in its infancy, so there are not many currently advertising on Bing. This offers you a great opportunity to get your products and brand exposed to a new audience.

Managing a successful Bing Shopping ads campaign takes time and effort. But if you need help with managing your shopping campaigns,why not get in touch?

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