I’ve been trying out SEO Book’s updated Keyword Research Tool, and as they say, it’s a cracker.

Try it out right here, right now:

Keyword Suggestions for:

You risk drowning in the sheer volume of information it gives you; there’s an amazing amount of data contained on a single screenful. If you love data, you’ll love this tool.

  • Yahoo, MSN and Google traffic estimates
  • Google Adwords Traffic Estimator
  • Bid prices
  • Google Suggest
  • Google Synonyms
  • Tag searches
  • Links through to Local search tools, Answers, Classifieds, and many more tools

Admittedly, it is a rough estimate for Google traffic (simply doubling Yahoo’s traffic) but it certainly helps with the order of magnitude.

Alternatively, Google AdWord’s Traffic Estimator gives open access to keyword research, without accessing an AdWords account. To be frank, I think it this service is a bit lame, but it’s better than nothing. Tip: be sure to put your phrase in brackets, for example [SEO Training] to get an exact match.

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