We’re heading into the final month of what has already – and continues to be – a busy first quarter of the year, and to save you some precious time, our Strategy team are bringing you the latest trends and topics you need to keep up and pull ahead. 

This month, we share the three key topics that are providing marketing leaders with opportunities to stand out and solve common challenges that caught our attention this month. Focusing on evolving customer and buyer behaviours and leadership strategies, our Strategy team looks into ways to ensure success in a constantly changing digital environment.

Here’s what we cover: 

1. The impact of thought leadership in 2024

B2B marketers are facing longer sales cycles and larger buying committees. We’re under increased pressure to deliver relevant leads for sales, often without the budgets required to create future demand through brand building. 

New research by Edelman and LinkedIn shows the power of thought leadership – not just for raising brand awareness, but to enable companies to charge premium prices and to protect existing customers from competitor advances.

How can you elevate your thought leadership and what are the benefits? Download the report below where we dive into it further.

2. Solving the attention gap

Marketers have always had to fight for the attention of customers, but with technology enabling new devices, platforms and communities to connect to, it feels like the problem is getting worse. 

Research shows that ads falling under 2.5 seconds of attention didn’t create any brand memories – and the problem is this accounts for 85% of ads.

We discuss our tips for developing great brand-building ads.

3. Customer retention: leveraging data to optimise the retention stage

Data can significantly influence our ability to interact with and retain current customers, with the goal of transforming them into loyal supporters of our brand and advocates among their social circles.

We discuss five specific types of data and how to leverage them for targeted retention strategies that enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, and long-term value.

Get started with the help of this month’s report.

As always, you can also find platform and industry updates happening from across Google and Bing to TikTok and Meta at the start of the report.

Download the full version 

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