With its tagline “Let the Web help”, Soovle is a sort of search engine for search engines. It’s a “customizable search tool” and works by pulling together the suggestions from up to 15 search engines as you type your keywords into the search box.

The customization comes from the fact that you can select which search engines are used.  It of course includes the big 3 – Google, Yahoo and Bing – but you can also add Amazon, Wikipedia, YouTube, Ask, ebay, Yell, and a load of others that I’d not even heard of (including some international engines).

You can also customize Soovle, and make it look rather impressive, is by adding your own company logo to the top left hand corner.

To do this, go to the “secrets” link in the top right hand corner and click secret number 3. Copy the URL of your logo into the top box, put your website’s URL in the second box and click “Add Logo”.

Soovle’s Interface

Soovle’s interface is very simple: just a search box, a few icons, the Soovled Link and the various search engines.Type a keyword into the search box to see what the search engines suggest for that query.

“Soovled Link” is the first link that is likely to be returned if you run a search on the term you’ve typed in on the selected search engine. The selected search engine is the one between the curly brackets at the top of the screen. You can switch between selected engines by pressing the right arrow key or by clicking on the little icons under the search box.

Keyword Ideas

Soovle is useful for two main purposes. Firstly, it’s really rather good if you’ve a vague idea what you’re looking for but don’t know exactly. Secondly, if you’re doing keyword research it is a great source of  ideas. You can see suggestions pulled from all sorts of search engines, including some more niche ones. If you’re looking to buy gifts online, for example, you can choose the shopping engines such as Amazon and

Not only can you see keyword suggestions based on search queries from all the main search engines, but you can also save your searches to use later. To do this, drag the search result you would like to save onto the little book icon in the top left hand corner. You can thereby create a list of keywords, which you can either download, print or view in Google Trends.

Soovle Keyword Tool - Saved Suggestions

Click on the little graph icon in the “Saved Suggestions” box to do this. You’ll see how your saved terms have behaved over the past few years, which is particularly useful for seasonal offers or just for finding out what’s popular at any given time.

You can also see the top keywords searched for on each of your chosen search engines by clicking on the little gold star marked “TOP” in the top left hand corner.

Issues and niggles

Soovle has a couple of niggly little issues: If you want to delete a single saved suggestion, their instructions tell you to click on the minus icon to the right of the suggestion. For me, this simply takes me to the search results for that query. So if I want to delete one, I have to hit the bigger minus icon and delete them all.

Also, if you type too quickly some of the suggestions can’t keep up. For example I got the below results when typing in “christmas gifts”. I know, very general! While I am sure that there are many ladies (myself included) who are hoping for a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes this Christmas, it’s not exactly what I’m looking for. Nor is Christina Aguilera for that matter. Thanks Yahoo! The suggestions from the other engines aren’t much better, and what is that Soovled link about?

Soovle Keyword Tool - Keyword Research

The results aren’t always consistent either, but with Soovle pulling in data from all the different seach engines, I guess it’s to be expected. If you don’t type too quickly and let it catch up with you, it’s a useful little tool that provides a different perspective for keyword research.

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