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While life sciences are seeing their prosperity boom, thanks to pressures such as an ageing society, some businesses have lagged behind in terms of their digital strategy.

Here at Hallam we can help you with understanding what you are doing right, how you can reach more people and how more of those leads can be converted. In our experience businesses in the life sciences sector want to:

  • Rank more highly for key terms that reflect their area of expertise
  • Increase leads and sales
  • Decrease PPC costs

Our digital marketing specialists can help across all of these points and more. We have worked with a range of businesses and helped them reach, and often exceed, their targets.

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Lead generation and

Business growth through engagement

The first thing that our digital marketing experts will do is undertake a full audit of your life sciences business site.

They will find what content you have at the moment, whether that is easily found by search engines and what new content can be added to make sure you have the best chance of being found for the keywords and phrases that you want to be found for.

Demystifying search engine optimisation

This process is known as search engine optimisation and means that when people are searching for products and services like yours that you will have the best possible chance of appearing in the best possible position in search engine results.

To do that we dig deep into your company and find out exactly what you do, who your customers are and what your competitors are doing. From that we will devise a strategy that will boost your profile and help drive more business to you.

While what you are doing on your website is important what happens away from there is also critical to your business success.

Help boost your business by using social media to increase lead generation

You can also target your potential leads on social media channels. With the knowledge of who your customers are we can show you which channels are best to focus your energies on, what way is best to do this and then manage those social media accounts, whether that is Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, if you wish for that to happen.

Another key way to boost your profile and your search engine results page placing is through backlinks. These are links from external sites that show search engines that your website is thought of as useful and trustworthy.

Utilising digital PR to increase recognition with customers and search engines

We gain backlinks through the use of digital PR. Our team of experts can help create great opportunities for your business to be seen in publications is wants to, which shows your leads that you are a voice to listen to, but also gain backlinks which help you rank better.

Using our expertise to help drive ecommerce sales

Some life sciences companies will also have ecommerce sites. Again Hallam has the skills to help you make the most our of your site. Our team can make sure you are using the best techniques to increase the chances of completing a sale and how you can use software such as Magento to its full potential.