Looking out the window, it’s clear that summer is coming to an end, and with so much change coming our way, it’s time to turn our focus towards what’s happening this Autumn.

The entire digital landscape has been shifting for the past year, and it’s showing no signs of stopping. You can learn how to navigate the new changes and use the shift to gain an advantage, or you can get left behind.

Trialling, testing and learning are going to be key to gaining a deeper understanding of the new changes, and brands that invest in these areas will come out on top.

This month’s report focuses on three key changes that are evolving the way we do marketing:

  • Google kills FAQs in search: what will this mean for your business?
  • Making first-party data actionable for your marketing activities
  • How investing in brand can be a powerful catalyst for performance

Plus, find all the industry news and platform updates you need to know about, from TikTok search ads and LinkedIn News Feed changes, to AI ethics and the revival of print marketing.

Download the report to gain the advantage this September.

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