Influencer marketing

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Our approach

We’ll focus on finding the right match

Our influencer marketing approach is based on three key foundations:

Strategy development

Our strategy will aim to outline what we will offer the influencers, what we will offer their fans, what our aim is and how we’ll measure this for a positive return on investment.

Influencer search

With a clear understanding of your goals, we utilise the latest set of tools online to link with the biggest and best influencers in your sector.


We reach out to the influencers you seek, creating a great relationship for the campaign and long thereafter for both you and your influencers.

A digital approach to influencer marketing

Influencers now play an essential role in the marketing mix, and they can prove to be a powerful and valuable tool when used in the right way. They can greatly widen the reach and impact of your brand, ensuring your story is heard by all the right people.

We have access to a network of the biggest and best influencers online. From those with a huge reach to those with a niche but engaged following, our specialists have the necessary connections for outreach, as well as the tools to discover brand new influencers that suit your market.

Matching you with the right people

We’ll find the most influential voices in your sector, and help you build and nurture a relationship with them. Whether it’s a blogger, vlogger or social media influencer, we’ll make sure it’s a match made in heaven when you work together.

We’re ahead of the curve

As an award-winning agency with the most experienced and passionate social media specialists on board, we’re always up to date with the latest trends and changes in the landscape, so you’ll never miss a trick with your campaigns.

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