Making sure you know where you are and how you got there

At Hallam we like to make sure you know precisely what activity has been undertaken and what effect this has had. With our reporting you can easily see what is going on with your presence.

In out experience businesses want to:

  • Be able to measure their ROI when it comes to the social channels
  • See how much interaction their content has had
  • How much traffic to their site has resulted from the activity

Each month you will receive a report detailing the activity undertaken that month on your social media accounts, how many times your pieces of content were shared, liked and read, how many people were driven to your site as a result and how many new likes, followers or interest you have had.

Our easy to understand and straight talking reporting allows you to see exactly what the state of play is, what is working and what you can do better.

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Our experts share their thoughts

Being able to actively see what your customers are interested in terms of content that you have created and shared allows us to make sure we are hitting your KPIs and that there is the return on investment that you want and expect.

Some marketing agencies may try and blind you with technical marketing speak but we know that you don’t want that. You want the facts in a way you can understand.

Monthly reporting to keep you on top of your channels

Each month you will receive a report that explains what has happened during that month and what the outcome of that activity has been for your business.

Our team of digital marketers report in plain, simple and clear language what is in the reports and incorporate graphs to show important data points.

Consistent reporting means developments can be seen and acted upon

As well as letting you know how your social media campaign is progressing reporting also helps the team at Hallam see patterns and changes in the way your customers and fans are interacting with your content.

By being constantly engaged with the data our team can work to continue to produce content that keeps you at the forefront of thinking in your sector, positions you as a leader when it comes to social media and drives more sales as a result.