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I discovered this morning that Unison is using Google AdWords to raise awareness of the strike taking place on 30 November.

So, I did a little bit of  looking around on the Interweb, and I reckon Unison could learn a lot from Barack Obama.

Starting with the AdWords ad copy, I have to admit I’m not entirely sure of the point they are trying to make.  The layout of the advert is probably not what Unison anticipated.  Try reading this advertisement copy out loud;  can you make any sense of it?


Unison advertsing on AdWords

Unison Landing Page

Next I clicked through to the landing page specifically designed for the strike day on 30 November.

Keep in mind that Unison have paid Google to get traffic to their site.  There should be a call to action right in the AdWords advert, which is then reinforced when the visitor arrives at the site.

This page, on the other hand, just looks like….  a boring web page.


Unison Landing Page

I take a look at this page and see a hugely wasted opportunity:

  • There isn’t a clear call to action that inspires me to get involved and actually take action.  To be honest, I just don’t know what they want me to do to provide support
  • I don’t think the mug shot photos of these 3 women helps the Unison case in any way. Desperados don’t sell.
  • Do you want to read all this boring, text heavy copy?  I certainly don’t
  • Unison are making use of a hash tag on twitter (#N30) but there is no mention of it anywhere on the landing page
  • At the time of this screengrab nobody has tweeted about this page, or perhaps the integration of the button doesn’t work, or they are targeting the wrong social platform to reach this audience
  • Taking a look at the Tweets displayed on this page, they are all published at the same time (6 hours ago) and all using the automated scheduled service Hootsuite.  Certainly doesn’t look like a live, vibrant campaign to me.
  • they obviously would like to be leading this conversation using the #N30 hash tag, but if you search for N30 on Facebook Unison isn’t anywhere to be seen.  They should be interacting with Facebook users that are talking about N30, and rallying them to action
  • I’m perplexed that they have a rather feeble 2000 or so fans on their Unison Facebook page
  • Unison has only received 378 messages of support on their Support the Day of Action page

What about YouTube

Go to YouTube and search for N30… and you find nothing about the strike except an advertisement sponsored by tradesunioncongress. Instead, you will find Dell computers, and lots of stuff about things happening in Seattle.

unison youtube


So, what can Unison learn from Barack Obama?

The Democrat party had stunning success using social media and the Internet.  On the one hand I suspect Obama’s battle chest was better funded than Unison, but on the other hand there are simple, cheap but effective lessons that Unison could learn:

  • have a plan for engaging with younger audiences using Facebook effectively. Unison isn’t engaging with the range of Facebooks users, commenting and replying to build reverberation
  • likewise, have a plan to engage with older users.  If I’m not keen on using Facebook, how about inviting me to sign up for an email bulletin?
  • help users to engage with each other directly, building community and a wider infrastructure.  At this point Unison is asking for users to send in their photos using Unison as the central hub.
  • provide the tools and content to facilitate the creation of  thousands of blog posts about the campaign
  • take advantage of the full range of functionality on the YouTube network, and provide lots of content to disseminate around the free network.
  • engage on a wider range of social networks, and be proactive with messages.  MoneysavingExpert is running a poll but it doesn’t appear that Unison is encouraging participation to spread the message.

 Further Reading

Have a look at this comprehensive review;  the specific Obama content appears a bit further into the presentation.

2 responses to “What Unison can learn from Barack Obama”

  1. Mick Twomey says:

    I am a former member and Official of Unison, but in later years with Unite the Union.
    And now have a retired membership with Unite I was wondering how there site compared?

  2. Mick Twomey says:

    (Spelling correction)

    I am a former member and Official of Unison, but in later years with Unite the Union.
    And now have a retired membership with Unite I was wondering how their site compared?

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