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Not getting the response you want from your Facebook Page? Not sure that what you’re putting on Facebook is working? Don’t know who’s seeing your content? Then maybe Facebook’s New Insights data might have the answer for you.

Last Friday (7th October 2011) Facebook launched a new version of Facebook Insights. Facebook Insights provides metrics about your Page content. It’s sort of like a very slimmed down version of Google Analytics just for your Facebook data.


How do I see my Pages Insights?

The Insights tab has moved to the left hand column of your Page in amongst your other tabs like ‘Info’, ‘Wall’ and ‘Friend Activity’ etc. Don’t worry though, even though the tab has moved visitors to your page will not be able to see this information. Only Page Owners and Administrators can see your Insights data.

When you’re logged into your Page as an Administrator, click on the tab with the purple logo (like above) and you’ll be able to see all of your Insights data.


Are your Facebook Activities Successful?

A quick way to keep an eye on the success of your marketing activities on Facebook is to look at the four metrics that now appear at the top of your Facebook Insights –

New metrics view on Facebook Insights

Total Likes is the number of unique people that have liked your Page.

Friends of Fans is a new and very interesting metric. This shows you the number of unique people who are friends with your fans. (The number also includes all of your unique fans as well). What this is showing us is the potential number of people that your Facebook posts could reach if all of your fan’s friends saw your post in their Friend’s feed. As with all online marketing, the potential reach is huge and very exciting for marketers!

New Facebook Metric - "People Talking About This"People Talking About This is also a new metric. It shows you the number of unique people who have created a ‘story’ about your Page in the last 7 days. The ‘story’ might include people:

– Liking your Page
– Posting on your Wall
– Liking, commenting on or sharing a post, photo, video etc that you put on your Page
– Answering a question you asked using the ‘question’ feature
– RSVPing to an event
– @ mentioning your Page in a post they make
– Tagging your Page in a photo
– Liking or sharing a check-in deal
– Checking in at a Place

Along with Total Likes, this is the only other metric that is visible for everyone that visits your Page to see. Facebook claim that it will serve as a good indicator to visitors about the quality of your Page.  It’s possible that people will get used to looking at this metric and make a snap decision about whether they want to be involved with your Page based on how high or low this number is. The more people talking about your business, the more people you’ll be able to reach on Facebook. You’ll see now why it’s so important to get people interacting and engaging with your content in the above ways.

You might also be interested to know that top brands are currently getting 0.7% engagement (on average) on this new metric. How does your Page compare to this?

Weekly Total Reach is the number of unique people that have seen any content associated with Page in the last 7 days.

Simply put, if all the numbers are increasing then you’re doing something right(!)


Know your Audience!

Facebook Insights will also show you a breakdown of your audience by gender and age and also the country, city and language that they list in their Profile. In the below example you can see that this Page is more relevant to women in the UK who speak English. Have a look at this data for your Page and make sure you target your content accordingly.

Who Are Your Fans - Facebook Insights Data

Reversely, if this data shows you information that you did not expect then perhaps your Facebook Page has uncovered a new target market for you to explore (well done you!) Or, you might need to think about what content you are posting and possibly consider altering it to attract the people now in your target market.


Optimise Your Content

This section of Insights gives you, well, um, deep ‘insight'(!) into each post you make on your Page. Displayed here is the date, post type, a snippet of the post, the reach, number of engaged users, people talking about this and the virality of each post.

Facebook Posts Insights

Reach is the number of unique people who have seen your post.

Engaged Users is the number of people who have clicked anywhere on your post.

Talking About This is the same metric as discussed above and is the number of people who have created a ‘story’ from your post.

Virality is the number of unique people who have created a story from your Page post as a percentage of the number of unique people who’ve seen it.

From this information you’ll be able to definitively know which posts are working for you. Once you’ve hit on a ‘winning formula’ be careful not to exhaust it. People on Facebook will tire very quickly of seeing the same types of posts from you so make sure you always mix them up.

Unfortunately, I think there is one thing missing from this table and that’s the time the post was made. Interaction and engagement can change hugely depending on when your fans and users are most active on Facebook. Drill down on the posts that have the most engagement or virality and see if there is a common theme in relation to the time the post was made.


There’s More?!

There is much more data available in your Facebook Insights than what is written about here. Explore your data, think about what you want to achieve on Facebook, look at what has worked well for you previously and this will allow you to make informed decisions about future Facebook activity.

If you want more information about any of this, comment below or post on our Facebook Page!

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