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August 2023: Digital trends report

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Megan McVeigh
Megan McVeigh

Senior Marketing Executive

We’re in a new age of digital. New tools are emerging, the platforms we knew so well are evolving and all of this is happening at an increasing rate. While new developments often create new opportunities, the latest changes are also stirring an air of uncertainty amongst marketers. 

We’ve been navigating the recent changes, experimenting with new tools and gaining deeper knowledge along the way so we’re able to share with you what works. 

In particular, we’ve been exploring the changes to privacy and the takeover of GA4, as well as increasing developments in generative AI, so we can share best practice. 

And, while most brands will have their strategies ready for the upcoming peak trade season, recent developments in the digital landscape might mean your strategy needs an update. 

Our Strategy, Paid, Organic, Creative and Insights teams have all put their heads together to help you navigate the following this month:

  • GA4: specifically how to navigate common issues when transitioning
  • Peak trade: is your strategy up to date with the latest developments?
  • Generative AI: what should you prepare for and are digital jobs safe?

Beyond the key digital trends of this month, the news section explores the latest social media shake-ups, including: the launch of Threads, the rebrand of Twitter as X and TikTok’s partnership with Warner Music Group.

Download this month’s report to gain the advantage this August.

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Megan McVeigh

Megan McVeigh

Senior Marketing Executive

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