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Hallam’s results, culture of excellence, and strategic use of creativity and technology beat 35 top performing agencies shortlisted from across EMEA.

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Inspiring user experiences, built with real people in mind

We carefully craft intuitive design solutions that break down barriers and focus on your user’s needs.

From heuristic expert reviews and testing to user journey mapping and wireframing, our range of UX services are designed to build sustainable solutions that driver your online success.

With offices in Nottingham and central London, we’re the ideal design partner for adventurous startups, established local businesses and household names with thousands of demanding users.


Refining a global brand’s design system

Speedo partnered with Hallam to create a practical brand framework that delivered a consistently great user experience.

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UX design

As a UX agency, we believe that great design always puts the user first. It’s about giving people the tools they need to get where they’re going fast, while boosting positive interaction with your brand.

With a user-centric approach, our experienced team of designers create purposeful and beautifully simple solutions that will guide and delight. Using a mix of sketching and the latest prototyping tools, we map out visually succinct wireframes that clearly lay out content hierarchy and stages of the user journey.

Working in focused design sprints, we can tackle and solve problems at speed while keeping you and your team in the loop at all times. We also work closely with our in-house web development team to ensure all of our designs translate seamlessly into a fully-functioning, interactive and accessible website that you and your customers will love.


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UX strategy

Develop and promote user-centric design strategies and lead your organisation in having the competitive edge with the help of our UX strategy consulting services. With on-demand in-house design expertise, you can leverage our skills to solve complex problems unite your team behind a single vision. We understand with any UX strategy your website’s SEO is interlinked. Our SEO team is available for consultancy throughout the process.

Where we like to start is with our demanding and interactive UX strategy workshop, in which we look to the future of your organisation and marketplace to help set a forward-thinking strategy that will drive success. This collaborative half-day workshop gathers senior and leadership people in your company together, and focuses everyone on the same long-term strategy for user experience at your company. In addition to providing a clear, solid path for your UX future, this workshop is a great team-building exercise.

Our approach

The strategy for success

 Here’s an idea of what you can expect:

We’ve worked as the UX agency to some of the world’s leading brands on high-calibre design projects, providing guidance and often embedding ourselves into existing teams to add exceptional value at every level. Our Creative Director Julio Taylor acts as an advisor to companies at an executive level, helping restructure the design process to be more effective and to bring increased sales and profitability.

explore the future

Explore the future

What does the future look like? How do we fit into it and how do we need to evolve? We ask these important questions and identify trends and future movements in user experience.

take action

Take action

We then work backwards from the future to the present, exploring the immediate actions that will set the foundations for meaningful change.



We’ll arrive at concrete redesign recommendations for the future of your design strategy that will directly impact your products and services online.

User testing services

You know why your customers choose you, but have you ever wondered why some don’t? As your online UX agency, we can put you in the know. Through our expert user testing services, we’ll use real user insights and feedback driven by actual human interactions to help make your digital experience as effective and intuitive as possible – and make sure you’re more people’s first choice.

The first step of our approach involves a deep dive to help us truly get to know your audience. Once you understand the behaviours and motivations of the people you’re marketing to, everything becomes a lot easier. User testing lets us unlock this knowledge and use it to make a difference. It also allows for a comprehensive review of your offer, messaging and user journeys, so you can understand what needs to be improved and why it’s so important, while crucially removing all of the guesswork.


The Drum Recommends winners for Best Web Design 2019

We scooped the top prize for our creative and UX design work, based solely on the feedback of our clients.

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UX expert reviews

Get expert, in-depth insights into your website’s usability from our team of highly-skilled designers, and identify practical ways to improve your website’s performance. Our robust UX reviews are a powerful way to build a deep, actionable blueprint for success online.

We know that data only tells you part of the story, so we go beyond analytics. Our unique process blends heuristic feedback, expert opinion and best practice to give you a full, big-picture summary of your website’s design performance. Based on our findings, we then produce a comprehensive and actionable feedback report that will empower your internal teams to drive real, positive changes.

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