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Winner of Google’s top agency award

Google & Deloitte named Hallam top for Growing Businesses Online at 2019’s Google Premier Awards. Our results, culture of excellence, and strategic use of creativity and technology allowed us to beat 35 top-performing agencies shortlisted from across EMEA.

Inspiring user experiences, built with real people in mind

We carefully craft intuitive design solutions that focus on a user’s needs and improve their experience at every step of their online journey. From expert reviews and testing to user journey mapping and wireframing, our UX services are designed to build sustainable solutions that drive digital success.

No matter how big or small your company, creating a smooth, intuitive and enjoyable user experience is essential to ensure success. The internet is a huge and fast-moving place, and there’s no reason for a user to struggle with a complex website when there are so many other options to choose from.

By putting the user first in every aspect of your website, from design to navigation and even the copy that you use, you can add delight to the browsing experience that increases your conversions and yields brand loyalty. As a multi-disciplinary agency, we have many of in-house experts who are able to combine their years of knowledge and research to create a consistent UX strategy that delights and inspires.

As an award-winning UX agency, we know what makes your users tick, and what they expect from their visit to your website. We ensure that every UX decision we make is backed by extensive research and user testing, and continual reporting means that we can make adjustments as necessary to ensure the best results.

With offices in Nottingham and central London, we’re the ideal UX agency partner for adventurous start-ups, established local businesses and household names with thousands of demanding users. Speak to us today to discuss your UX requirements.

Industry recognition

Our UX services

As a UX agency, we believe that great design always puts the user first. It’s about giving people the tools they need to get where they’re going efficiently and intuitively, while boosting positive interactions with your brand.

UX strategy

Starting with an interactive workshop, we’ll help you to create a forward-thinking UX strategy designed to propel your business forward.

UX design

Our experienced UX designers know how to create digital experiences that look great and are easy to navigate.

User testing

By undertaking extensive user testing, we can provide real, quantifiable insights to inform both researched-based design and strategy.

UX expert reviews

We’ll review your current user experience, analysing your website’s usability and identifying constructive improvements.

Beyond Foundational UX

Being part of a wider full-service agency means each team gets special access to expertise that traditional design and strategy agencies miss out on. Long before Google announced UX to be the fourth pillar of SEO, our user experience (UX) team collaborated closely with our SEO team to make sure recommendations are reliable and accurate, and work for both users and search engines. Sites are designed with UX and SEO in mind by default, meaning that your website can be easily found by Google while also providing a seamless experience for your users.

And we don’t just work with the SEO team. Because our UX team is dedicated to user experience – a separate discipline to graphic design – we focus our efforts exclusively on the experience, never compromising for the sake of aesthetics.

Our approach to UX

We’ve worked as the UX agency to some of the world’s leading brands on high-calibre design projects, providing guidance and even embedding ourselves into existing teams to add exceptional value. Our strategic approach helps businesses to increase their conversion and profitability through effective UX design that promotes engagement and brand loyalty.

Testing & analysis

First of all, we’ll analyse your existing website to see how it performs. Through a combination of user testing and heuristic feedback, we’ll get to the bottom of the issues people face when they visit your site. This initial fact finding will also encompass future considerations to identify and support the changing requirements and trends in UX design.

UX strategy

We’ll then work with you to develop and action a UX strategy that will bring meaningful change and quantifiable improvements. This strategy will be created in line with your business goals to ensure that any changes made to your site will benefit your organisation and its customers in the long term.

Continual improvement

Once redesign recommendations have been delivered and implemented, we’ll continue to monitor your site and examine user journeys to determine how well it’s performing, and make amendments as necessary. This dedication to providing ongoing support is one of the many reasons why our clients stick with Hallam.

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See why our clients rate our UX services

The Drum Recommends’ database recognises the top agencies across a wide range of categories. The results are determined entirely by verified, independent client feedback, and we were awarded the top prize for our creative and UX design work.

Check out our ratings to see what our clients had to say about our UX services, and why our work has been recognised year after year.

The Drum Recommends Digital Awards are one of the industry’s highest accolades, and our position as a multi-award winning agency is testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone at Hallam.

Drum review 9.2 recommended rating

Our recent UX work

“Together we’ve collated user data, industry best practice and a wide range of input from across the business to create a set of meaningful and easy to use guidelines.”

Rachel Starling – Assistant Digital Experience Manager, Pentland Brands

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“We couldn’t be happier with the quality of results-driven by the Cadent Hero campaign. Hallam’s team of experts enabled us to bring our brand to life to a targeted demographic of customers within our network. This led to over 15 million impressions on Facebook and over 4 million video views in total!”

Lindsey Shell – Digital Marketing Advisor

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“We needed clear, practical advice that we could trust in order to make our ecommerce operation more successful. The money we have invested working with Hallam has certainly paid dividends.”

Asad Ali – Digital Marketing Manager, Scruffs

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‘Efficient management of a successful ecommerce operation requires the right skill sets, and the team from Hallam are leaders in the field. When it comes to online advertising, they have the expertise and experience to make our business stand out from the competition. We continue to grow, and this is due in no small part to the great work from Hallam.’

Robert Osborne, Director, Garden4Less

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  • Why should I work with Hallam UX agency?

    We have over 20 years’ experience helping businesses to grow, and we’ve even won awards to prove it. Combining this knowledge with a UX strategy rooted in extensive research and user testing, we’ll analyse your user base and implement improvements that will help you to offer the best possible service. Take a look at our case studies to see how we’ve supported our clients in the past.

  • What is different about Hallam?

    As a full-service agency, we’ve got more than 50 digital experts in-house, allowing you to benefit from a holistic approach. This allows us to develop a complete UX strategy that encompasses every step of the customer journey from first enquiry through to final sale. We’re passionate about developing great relationships with our clients, and we combine our expertise with your in-depth knowledge of your business to create UX solutions that get results.

  • Can you review the usability of my site?

    Absolutely. Our experts know the ins and outs of UX design and can analyse your existing site to determine what works, and what needs to be improved. After reviewing your site, we’ll provide you with actionable insights designed to make your website easy to use and intuitive for first-time visitors. We always work with your business goals in mind, so any improvements that we suggest will be carefully considered to ensure that they don’t just help your customers, but are also in the best interests of your business.

  • Do you offer user testing?

    We sure do! We believe that research, analysis and testing are essential to the development of a successful UX strategy. User testing helps us to determine what does and doesn’t work, so you can make informed decisions. Your business is your livelihood, and we understand that taking risks based on hunches simply isn’t an option. User testing also allows you to better demonstrate the value of your UX strategy to key stakeholders within the organisation.

  • Is UX only important for e-commerce sites?

    While it may be easier to follow and understand a user’s journey on an e-commerce site, UX is actually an intrinsic part of any interaction a person has with your business, particularly online. It encompasses everything from navigation and layout to load times and payment options, as well as accessibility considerations for those that are differently abled. The easier it is for a user to get the answers they need, the more likely it is that they will choose you over the competition, and that’s the basis of a great UX strategy.

We are more than just a UX agency

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We create award-winning PPC campaigns that are designed to optimise your marketing budget and bring traffic to your website. Offering a great return on investment, our pay-per-click experts know how to create adverts that convert casual enquiries into paying customers.

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Our SEO experts know how to create a consistent online presence and bring relevant, high-quality traffic to your site. As a Google Partner, we have access to the latest SEO insights from Google themselves, so we always implement the most up-to-date SEO recommendations.

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Web Development

Building a website that performs in search engines is no easy task. Our team of experts collaborate closely with our web development and creative teams at every stage of the process. We’re proud to build sites that look good and more importantly, perform.

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Social Media

Social media is a great way to interact with your audience, generate engagement and grow your brand awareness. Our social media experts will help you to create great content that gets people talking, establishes your position online, and helps to develop customer loyalty.

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