Data integration

See how data beyond the lead or sale can be fed back into our automated systems to increase profitability

Our approach

Smart tools and automation

Our approach to data integration focuses on three key areas:


We utilise automation for data integration between platforms, either hourly, daily, weekly or monthly depending on the data.

Leading tools

Integrating data from the world’s leading digital marketing tools with our reporting systems, we’re able to identify trends and issues quickly.

Internal data

By using internal data, we can shape paid advertising campaigns in order to maximise effectiveness.

Super-smart data integration

We integrate data from leading digital marketing tools to gather full insights in order to improve the effectiveness and profitability of our SEO, PPC and PR campaigns.

Automation drives our data integration. By automatically analysing unique client data, we can feed this valuable information back into optimisation of paid advertising campaigns. And as data is integrated automatically, this frees up essential time for team Hallam, and also reduces the number of human errors.

Led by an expert insights team

We can transfer data from one format (CSV, XML, etc.) into another for full automated integration without user-intervention. We also use Google App scripts as a central point to connect APIs with Google Ads, Gmail and Google Sheets.

Our expert insights team has a wealth of experience in this area – and it’s not just us who say so! In fact, they’ve picked up a whole host of awards over the last couple of years, including Best Use of Data at the Drum Awards, as voted for by clients.

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