We all get Googled – people are looking for us by name on the search engines. It might be a potential client looking for you, or a “credibility check” for you and your business.

What are they going to find when they search for your name? (“Self-Googling”: I admit it, I search for Susan Hallam sometimes…)

Managing your personal brand on the web is a matter of promoting yourself, your business, and ensuring you’re giving out the right messages.

It’s a big topic, so just a few tips today:

1. Clearly search engine optimisation plays an important part. If you want to optimise for your personal name, then remember Titles and Keywords matter, and work on getting inbound linking that contains your name. It might well be worth buying your own domain name, such as www.susanhallam.co.uk Be sure to use a consistent version of your name (I’m always Susan Hallam in writing, never Sue Hallam) and be sure to associate your key phrase with your name whenever possible.

2. Build your online profile. Networking sites, social, business and otherwise, often rank well in the search engine results:

  • ZoomInfo crawls the web looking for information about individuals and then compiles it into a minisite about you.
  • LinkedIn is a business and social networking site that often ranks well in Google
  • MySpace is widely used by businesses as well as private individuals
  • Bebo is the number one phrase searched on Google this month.
  • Facebook also ranks in the top 10 phrases searched for in Google in the UK this month

3. eZine articles are an opportunity for you to write about your area of expertise, helping to position yourself within the marketplace, and raise your visibility. Sources like www.ezinearticles.com publish a full author biography as well as an online chanel to syndicate your content

4. Giving away free content is a great way to promote your personal brand. Within your website you need to have a library of free materials that will be attractive both to the search engine spiders as well as your human visitors. And of course, you will be taking personal credit for what you have written which in turn helps to build your personal visibility.

5. Blogging
provides a platform for your personal voice within a professional context, and of course the SEO benefits of blogging are well documented.


Managing your personal online brand:
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