What a summer it’s been – and what an autumn we’re walking towards.
It’s a slight understatement to say that there’s been a lot of volatility in the market over the past few months as we continue to juggle dire headlines on one side about the cost of living crisis, the climate disaster and energy price hikes alongside data on the other that shows people are still spending and companies have still been adding jobs. With so much conflicting information, it could be easy to let this volatile situation shift you into marketing paralysis – how do you move forward through it all?
Switching our focus to the year ahead, we know how important it is to keep an eye on the broader shifts that can impact us all when it comes to our marketing activity. To help you navigate the undulating macro situation ahead, our Strategy team are publishing a monthly report that pulls together the essential trends that you need to know about.
Below, our Strategy Director, Julie Reid, shares her overview below from the September 2022 report of what you should be aware of as autumn kicks off.

Google’s ‘helpful content’ update

SEO experts will no doubt be triggered by the recent news that, yes, Google’s rolled out another algorithm update – this one centring around “helpful” content. It’s a continuation of their broader shift toward surfacing original, truly valuable content written by people, for people.
Our Advertising and Consulting Director, Ben Wood, looks at the details and what this means for your brand. He also has the perfect place to start for those who want to take action right away.

Ad spend projected to slow significantly in 2023

Ben also shares new data coming out of WARC showing that – while overall ad spend is forecast to increase – the growth rate of ad spend is expected to slow significantly in 2023. This is due to economic uncertainty and the block on third-party cookies now being felt across media networks.
He looks at which platforms will be most affected and which ones are likely to come out on top.
And for brands that want more guidance on navigating the changing landscape, Ben says: “We can help prove the value of your investments and make smarter budgeting decisions through advanced modelling.”

How video consumption is changing

With short-form video platforms like TikTok changing the rules of the game, there’s no denying the power of video to capture people’s attention.
Strategist Sara Galbiati digs into the latest research on why people love video content so much and what role marketing videos can play for your brand.

Brand safety: what you need to know to protect your brand’s reputation

Any marketer who has had their advertising appear alongside inappropriate or offensive content knows how dangerous it can be to their brands reputation.
Sara takes a look at why it’s important to have a plan for brand safety and how to get started setting up guidelines for your team.
And, if you have questions about setting up social listening to monitor what people are saying about your brand, we’re happy to help.

Defining and building marketing effectiveness

Then I look at the term “marketing effectiveness” which is becoming more commonly used, but do we all agree about what it means and how to measure it?
New research from Marketing Week’s Language of Effectiveness survey has a few definitions from marketers across the industry that can serve as a starting point.
Once you have a working definition, it’s time to put it into practice; I share seven ways you can get started building and measuring the effectiveness of your marketing activity.
And finally, we’ve included some updates from the Paid team here at Hallam on TikTok’s addition of the “Nearby” feature, how to get the most out of Performance Max insights and an Outlook extension for mobile ads.
You can download the report below and do get in touch if you have questions about anything you read. We love to chat!

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