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How we’re fostering a work environment that puts wellbeing and mental health first

As the People and Culture Manager at Hallam, I'm thrilled to share a little bit about how we've transformed our…

Digital Strategy

Ask the experts: 24 words for 2024 trends

We know, we get it; these days, you can’t step foot into a new year without a million ‘new year,…


Meet our new Head of Project Management, Kate

This month, we welcomed Kate Vines as our new Head of Project Management. Kate joined us over two years ago…

Leadership + Finance

A guide to seamless sales and marketing alignment

Are your sales and marketing functions aligned? If the answer is no, then you might be surprised to learn that…

Digital Strategy

Full-funnel marketing: measuring what matters  

Over the past few years, marketers have been dealing with an economic and social environment that has been volatile, uncertain…

Leadership + Finance

Meet our new Head of Organic, Carmen Dominguez

This month, we welcomed Carmen as our new Head of Organic. Bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and expertise…

eBooks + Downloadable Content

May 2023: digital marketing report

May is here which means we’ve got the latest scoop on what’s happening in the world of digital marketing for…

Leadership + Finance

Building bridges between finance and marketing

Finance and marketing are often seen as opposing forces in a business. Marketing wants to spend money, while finance wants…


Meet our new Paid Media Team Leads, Molly and Alex

The newest leaders of our Paid Media Team, Molly Watters and Alex Jackson, are both full of energy, positivity, and…

Leadership + Finance

The business school of the future

This guest post is written by Dr Benjamin Lucas Research and Knowledge Exchange Manager and Digital Nottingham, University of Nottingham;…

Leadership + Finance

Are you prepared for the current economical and energy crises?

The world is currently in a crisis and even though it may not affect you directly, its impact is inescapable.

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