Digital-Content-Summit-Susan Hallam spoke on “Digital Leadership” at the Staffordshire County Council Digital Content Summit, an excellent series of events devoted to to helping you focus your digital vision and arm you with the tips, tricks and actionable know how to go on to create engaging and compelling content for your organisation. 

Do you want to lead your business to greater success by leveraging the impact of digital media? This session provided a set of guiding principles, and some simple lessons, on how your business can become a digital leader.


Susan Hallam’s Digital Leadership Presentation from #SCCDigitalSummit


  • Successful digital leadership means understanding who you are trying to influence, how to squeeze every drop of impact out of all of your digital efforts, and having a clear understanding your digital business goals.
  • Take a look at some of these excellent examples of B2B social media leadership
  • Thought leadership can take many forms:  your company blog, your visibility in the Google search results and your Google Authorship profile, and your company’s visibility in Google News
  • Successful social media leadership focuses on the right measures, and requires your business to be respond nimbly in a fast changing world
  • Maximising your digital investment means leveraging your influence at every point of contact, and that practically that translates testing new ideas, using a range of new advertising and tracking techniques, and accepting that not every experiment will be a success
  • Do you want to be a great digital leader? Susan summarised 5 characteristics of successful digital leaders – see her presentation

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