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There has been a groundswell of social media marketing opportunities for folk wanting to learn more about the benefits of all things Web 2.0

Here’s a quick round up of what’s on offer if you want to keep abreast of the latest in SMM:

MediaCamp is a free one-day “unconference” covering the latest digital trends, with a focus on Media, Technology & Culture.  It is taking place over the weekend of 9/10 May at Lace Market House, Nottingham.

Web 2.0 Surgery is an informal gathering of experts and clients to discuss all things Web 2.0, with a view to creating a Web 2.0 marketplace in Nottingham.

Nott Tuesday is a technology industry forum for Nottingham, aiming to position Nottingham as its rightful place as a technology powerhouse. It takes place every second Tuesday of the month, in Nottingham.

Network Nottingham is online networking environment for business professionals;  looks like lots of web 2.0 geeks are hanging out here.

Second Wednesday has been brought back to life;  originally established in 1999, it has returned after a 3 year hiatus.  Geeks unite for drinks, industry gossip and networking.

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  1. Bjorn says:

    Hi there. We’ve also been hosting monthly meet ups for web designers and those involved with eBusiness and Social Media for about 2 years now at the CAST Bar in Nottingham. Anyone interested in web technologies is invited to attended these social get togethers to talk about sharing skills and best practise. We meet up on the last Thursday of every month.

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