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Catch up on the latest news in the fast-moving world of SEO, written by our SEO experts.


What does Google know about you?

Google is collecting a surprising information about you, and is making some assumptions about you based on that data. Learn…


How to develop a successful SaaS SEO strategy

As an industry, SaaS has several unique features that make it particularly challenging to achieve SEO success. We’re going to…


The importance of a robots.txt file

Is a robots.txt file preventing your site from being crawled properly? Learn how they work and how to make one…


Avoiding the SEO pitfalls of URL parameters

URL parameters are the parts of the address of a web page often visible after a question mark (?), ampersand (&), equals (=) or…


Malware Reported in Google Search Console? Here’s What To Do

Google is monitoring the web for websites that are not safe for Google users. What happens when your website has…


What is AMP and who actually needs It?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are light weight pages designed to give mobile users a lightening fast experience that is easier…


Google Page Experience Update Explained

On May 28th 2020 Google announced an impending algorithm update focusing on measuring page experience for users. It won’t be…


Google’s getting smarter: it’s high time to rethink your SEO approach

Google has given advanced notice of a major switch towards incorporating UX metrics as ranking factors. SEO is becoming exponentially…


What makes a “bad link” when link building for SEO?

Getting other websites to link to your website is one important factor in improving your rankings in the search engines.…

Digital PR

4 tools you can use to keep an eye on your competitors

I'm sure you often ask yourself "What are our competitors doing?” and “How can we get the upper hand?” Here…


How can a small e-commerce site compete against big brands?

As a small online retailer, you’re may find that those ranking in the top few positions for what you’re selling…


What Are ‘Soft’ 404 Errors and Will They Affect My Rankings?

Soft 404 errors are different from the usual 404 errors and can be harmful to your site. It is important…

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