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Catch up on the latest news in the fast-moving world of SEO, written by our SEO experts.


Google Analytics 4: what to expect

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) represents the largest shift in Google Analytics of all time.


How to use Google Trends to gain a competitive edge

From finding new products to sell on your ecommerce website to searching for content ideas, the list of potential uses…

Content Marketing

Do you know your marketing acronyms?

Keep up with those jargon-filled marketing conversations with this list of acronyms every marketer should have in their arsenal.


The Future of Digital Marketing eBook (2021 edition)

This eBook will give you an insight into what the experts believe the future of digital marketing will look like.

Digital Strategy

Google’s May 2021 update: a closer look at Core Web Vitals

UPDATE: The world of digital marketing is constantly changing, but don't worry, we're on top of it. Google have changed…

Digital PR

Black Friday: Effective Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales

With Black Friday just around the corner, many online retailers such as Amazon have already started promoting their offers in…


SEO Terms Explained: An SEO Glossary

An SEO Glossary, explaining the common SEO Terms that you need to know.


UX and SEO: Experience as the Fourth Pillar of SEO

With Google officially set to incorporate UX metrics as ranking factors, it may be time to start thinking of experience…


DuckDuckGo review: an alternative to Google

The DuckDuckGo search engine has one major advantage over Google: it never stores your personal information. If privacy is a…


What does Google know about you?

Google is collecting a surprising information about you, and is making some assumptions about you based on that data. Learn…


How to develop a successful SaaS SEO strategy

As an industry, SaaS has several unique features that make it particularly challenging to achieve SEO success. We’re going to…

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