website traffic dropped Now that’s a big question! It could be any number of reasons including inaccurate data, a technical problem on your website, a Google penalty or algorithm change, more competition in the market etc etc.

Assuming your website is still working as it should be, your data is correct and your website hasn’t received a penalty I’d suggest that you should first look to find out where you have lost traffic from. Here I’ll show you a couple of quick checks you can make to try and make a start on finding out why traffic has dropped to your website (this is by no means meant to be an exhaustive check list of everything you should look at!)

Find Out What Traffic You Are Missing

If you don’t know what used to drive traffic to your website you will be unable to identify why traffic has dropped to your website. Your Google Analytics data may hold the answer so lets start there. First lets check if you are still receiving referral traffic. Referral traffic could be from a website you advertise on, a directory or perhaps just another site that links to content on your website.

Referral Traffic

Log into your Analytics and choose your date range. Depending on how long ago you started seeing a drop in traffic to your website you might want to do this comparison for the previous month or even compare the same month in the previous year, as in this example.

12-06-2013 09-53-51


Then on the left side, choose Traffic Sources > Sources > Referrals


Google Analytics - Referral Traffic

In this example you can see that this website has seen a considerable drop in referral traffic year on year.

12-06-2013 09-55-37

If you see something similar in your analytics you’ll be able to identify in the table below the graph if there is a specific source that used to send much more traffic to your website. If it was a website that you used to advertise on, perhaps you should consider having that advert again if you think the traffic it sent to your website was valuable. Whatever the results, if you see a drop in referral traffic you’ll be able to make an educated decision about what to do about it.

Organic Traffic

Another area for you to check is if you’ve seen a drop in organic traffic from search engines like Google. To find this information, on the left side choose Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium

Google Analytics - Source-Medium

In this example we’ll just look at organic traffic from Google so in the table, find “google / organic” and click on it.

Google Analytics will show you the percentage change in traffic you have seen from Google search results. If you see a drop in traffic from this source the next thing you’ll want to do is find out if there are any keywords in particular that you’ve stopped receiving traffic for in such numbers. To do this, in the able click on Secondary Dimension >Traffic Sources > Keyword

Google Analytics - Keyword


This will show you the keywords that your website receives traffic for and if there has been any change in that amount. Again in this example you can see that a number of keywords have seen a drop.

12-06-2013 11-18-45

If you see the same in your analytics you’ll want to do some further investigation. Perhaps you have dropped in rankings for these keywords and need to do some on-page optimisation and deep link building. You might also want to look at the landing pages for the keywords you’ve seen a drop in traffic for. Does the landing page still exist on your website? Have you made big changes that undid the optimisation of the page? As before, at least you might now have a better idea of where you’re seeing a drop in website traffic from and are better armed to do something about it.

If you’ve seen a drop in website traffic then the Hallam team is here to help! Get in touch and we can talk about steps we’d take to help you recover!

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